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ICD-9 THeory Quiz

ICD-9 theory quiz review

Purpose of ICD-9` To track healthcare statistics and accurate medical record keeping, ease in processing claims, mandatory for participation in insurance programs.
Where can you find diagnostic information? On encounter forms, treatment notes, discharge summary, operative report, radiology, lab, pathology.
The Tabular Index is use for what? Find and assign a code, describing disease.
Category codes have how many digits? 3
The Alphabetic Index is? Diseases documented in Medical Record
The broad section of the ICD-9 that contains codes grouped by disease or illness? sections or chapter
Two supplementary classifications in the tabular index are what? E codes and V codes
what codes are used to classify causes of injury? E codes
what digit is the sub classification 5th
What is the reason that a person seeks medical care? Chief complaint
Primary diagnosis is the condition or complaint that the patient expresses in what kind of setting? Hospital
Volume 1 is also called? Tabular Index
what are the rules to assist you in coding? Use recent ICD 9 manual, keep medical dictionary handy, proofread claim for accuracy
Services that can document diagnoses are? Pathology, radiology, laboratory
To maximize reimbursement remember to what? lINK icd-9 TO show medical necessity. Highest specificity 4th or 5th digit if necessary.
What table describes malgnancies? Neoplams
What is used for the exclusion notes? Italics
What are the notes included in the tabular index to provide additional guidance for selected diagnosis codes? Notations
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