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Review Quiz

Endothermic means? adding energy
Adding energy results in what two things? a change in temperature or a change in phase
At the triple point..? All 3 phases exist
At the critical point...? a critical pressure and a critical temperature exist
First Law of Thermodynamics Energy is conserved, therefore the heat lost=the heat gained
Avagradro's Law equal volumes of gases at the same temperature and pressure must contain equal numbers of particles
Volume is proportional to... moles
1 mole of any gas occupies how many liters at STP? 224
Ideal Gas Law Derived from Boyles and Charles Law
Equation for Ideal Gas Law PV=nRT
The rate of reaction defined as the change in concentration of the reactants per unit of time
factors that affect rate of reaction effective cellision
effective cellision orbitals must align correctly, must have sufficient energy (activation energy Ea)
Enthalpy internal energy
Concentration a change in concentration affects the total number of effective collisions
Surface Area exposed to reaction. affects the number of effective collisions
Temperature affects the activation energy, increase temp, increase energy of system, increase rate because more atoms have sufficient energy
Catalyst increases the rate of reaction but it is not part of the reaction, lowers the Ea
Rinetic Molecular Theory all atoms are in constand motion (knetic energy)
The degree of motion determines.. the phase
gases have the highest... knetic energy and the most entropy (measure of disorder)
Gases have the weakest.. intermolecular forces
Knetic energy is zero at 0 degrees Kelvin
Pressure a force per unit of area
Stand Temperature 0 degrees C and 273 degress K
Standard Pressure 1atm = 760mHg = 101.3 kPa
At constant temperature and pressure, gas volume is directly proportional to the number of moles of gas
Boyle's Law states that.. the volume of gas varies inversely with pressure
When gas is compressed its temperature.. increases
Charle's Law states that the volume of gas.. is directly proportional to its temperature
Temperature and Volume are.. directly proportional
Temperature and Pressure are... directly proportional
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