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Quiz 7/15

chirality centers to find stereoisomers 2^chirality centers
stereoisomers molecules with identical molecular formulas and connectivity but different arrangements of bonds in space
enantiomers non-superimposable mirror images
diastereomers some S, some R (not opposite)
enantiomers have identical physical properties (mp, bp, solubility)
diastereomers have different physical properties
optical rotation is measured using a polarimeter
the polarimeter shines plane polarized light through the molecules
the optical rotation is read by looking through the measuring field, adjusting the field, and reading the scale
we will measure (3) polarity, melting point, optical rotation
draw + menthol dash dash thick
draw - menthol thick thick dash
draw + neomenthol think dash dash
carboxylic acids are soluble in diethyl ether or ethyl acetate
R=O-OH + NaOH R=O-O-, Na+, H2O
R=O-O-, Na + HCl re-protonates
R2NH + HCl R2NH2 + Cl-
RNH3, Cl + NaOH deprotonates
Neutral was in the organic layer
Acidic was in the aqueous layer
draw benzoic acid
draw benzophenone
Rf of acid .4
Rf of neutral .6
Created by: melaniebeale