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1st 9wks root words

1st 9wks root words- Margaret Russo

chromo- color
alb- white
leuco- white
virid- green
chloro- green
rubr- red
erythro- red
dent- tooth, teeth
odonto- tooth, teeth
derm- skin
cuti- skin
nasi- nose
rhino- nose
capiti- head
cephala- head
arthro- joint
pedi- foot, feet
podo- foot, feet
oculi- eye
ophthalmo- eye
corporo- body
soma- body
ventro- belly
vermi- worm
herbi- plant
phyto- plant
anthropo- man
morpho- form or shape
pisci- fish
ichthyo- fish
ovi- egg
oo- egg
zoo- animal
cyto- cell
super- above
hyper- above
sub- under or below
hypo- under or below
meso- middle
latero- side
intra- within
endo- within
peri- around
micro- small
alti- tall
macro- large
semi- half
hemi- half
milli- thousand
kilo- thousand
multi- many
poly- many
equi- equal
iso- equal
quinque- 5
pento- 5
quadri- 4
tetra- 4
novem- 9
uni- 1
mono- 1
septem- 7
hepta- 7
hexa- 6
deca- 10
tri- 3
bi- 2
di- 2
oct- 8
entomo- insect
rotundi- round
cyclo- round
aqua- water
hydra- water
avi- bird
ornthino- bird
lepido- scale
contra- against
anti- against
ptero- wing
Created by: MargaretRusso