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Swahili Unit 14

-a kuchosha boring
-a kusisimua exciting
-a kuvutia interesting
chochote anything
kama if, as, like
karata card(s)
kichekesho fun
kualika to invite
kuamua to decide
kuanza to start
kuchelewa to be late
kucheza chesi to play chess
kucheza gemu to play a game
kucheza karata to play cards
kuchukua to take
kuendesha baiskeli to ride a bicycle
kufikiri to think
kuhusu to be about, about
kuigiza to act
kujua to know
kukodi mchezo to rent a movie
kukumbuka to remember
kumaliza to finish, to end
kuona mchezo to see a play
kuongea to talk
kuonyeshwa to be shown, to be screened
kushinda to win
kushindwa to lose
kusikiliza to listen
kuuliwa to be killed
kuuwa to kill
kwa na tafrijia/sherehe to have a party
kuwekesha to book, to reserve
kwa hiyo therefore, so
kweli true
maarufu popular
makumbusho museum(s)
maonyesho ya sanaa art exhibition
mchezo wa kuigiza play (theatre)
michezo ya kuigiza plays (theatre)
mchezo wa kutumia ubao board game
michezo ya kutumia mbao board games
mchezo movie
michezo (filamu) movies
mhusika mkuu movie star
wahusika wakuu movie stars
mkaka until
muuwaji murderer
wauaji murderers
mwalkio invitation
mialiko invitations
mwanzo beginning
mwisho end
nyumba ya sanaa art gallery
nyumba za sanaa art galleries
pale there
pamjoa together
tafrija, sherehe party(ies)
tayari ready
tiketi ticket(s)
Lete harabi za wikiendi? What are you doing this weekend?
Umeamua chochote? Do you have any plans?
Utapenda twende sinema? Would you like to go with us to the movies?
Unasemaje? What do you say?
Kuna sinema gani leo nzuri? What good movie is there today?
Mchezo unahusu nini? What is the film about?
Nataka kufanya tafrijia. I want to have a party.
Leo ni siku yangu ya kuzaliwa-tusherehekee! Today is my birthday-Let's celebrate!
Utamwalika nani? Who will you invite?
Twende sehumu tukale. Let's go out to eat.
Twende kwenye baa. Let's go out to a bar.
Twende tukacheze. Let's go dancing.
Twende tukaangalie bendi. Let's go see a band.
Itakuwa poa! It'll be good! (slang)
Vizuri sana! This is great!
Pana watu wengi hapap. It's too crowded here.
Hii haichanamshi!/ Hii ni doro. This is boring.
Nilistarehe sana. I had a really good time.
Nimeona mchezo mzuri sana wikiendi hii. I saw a great play this weekend.
Kulikwa na onyesho la kuvutia kwenye makumbusho. There was an interesting exhibit at the museum.
Kujisaidia To go to the bathroom
Kujifunza To learn
Kujistarehesha To have a good time
Created by: meredithl2013