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Real Estate 5

Real Estate Principals lesson 5

Monetary Cycle Depression,Recession,Prosperity, and Expansion
Who does Inflation benefit? trustor and a lender who grants loans
a decrease in the general level of prices cause? increases in the value of money
What is considered liquid? investments in stocks and bonds
What is not considered liquid? investments in income property
Equity? Money that doesn't work (money in a mattress)
what is the difference between the loan and the value of the property? equity
What is an investor using leverage? using borrowed money to the maximum
When the value of the property increases, what else increases? the equity
Gross national(Domestic) Product the measure of goods and services produced by the nation during any one calender year
what rises with GNP? personal income and home sales
seller's market is good for sellers as to? a buyers market is good for buyers
what happens when interest rates on bonds increase? the supply of funds for real estate loans decrease
Who do lenders represent? primary mortgage market
Secondary mortgage market? where existing loans are bought and sold
What is important in the secondary mortgage market? liquidity and marketability
who has the primary source of funds for real estate financing? institutional lenders
where do institutional lenders receive most of their money? savings of individual savings (household funds)
Insurance companies lend to? large projects in large amounts
Participation Loans insurance company wants their cut of a project
Savings and Loan Associations lend to? home loans for one to four family units
Who is the primary source for residential mortgages? Savings and loan associations
commercial banks are? general purpose lender
commercial banks prefer? short term loans, mostly construction
federal reserve board? influences the flow of money
federal reserve board does Not? they do not adjust FHA interest rates
Where did mutual savings banks originate? Northeastern America
Nonistitutional lenders are? mortgage companies and private lenders
mortgage companies prefer? prefer negotiating loans on secondary market
what is the difference between a banker and a broker? bankers lend their own money and a broker lends someone else's
"Warehousing" Collecting loans proior to resale
Private lenders? largest source for junior loans
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