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QA & QC general XRAY

imaging 2a qa & Qc

what is quality management establishment of standards or guiding principles
what is the purpose of quality management helps manage, minimize and mitigate risks
risk management is an integral part in keeping patients safe
why is quality important 1. importance to patients 2. importance to staff 3. importance to organization
factors of importance to patients 1. more affordable 2. improved quality of healthcare 3. increased confidence
example of increased confidence 1. state of the art medical devices 2. professional staff
factors of importance to staff 1. staff can be demotivated if quality of service rendered is not optional 2. good QA/QC system
good QA/QC system helps in : 1. improving work processes 2. increased job satisfaction 3. less frustration
factors of importance to organization 1. reduced costs 2. improve QA/QC is self financing 3. improve financial growth and viability of the healthcare 4. Cheltenham general hospital reported in 1991 that the estimated cost of not doing things right was $4 million per year
what does CQI stands for Continuous Quality Improvement
definition of continuous quality improvement (CQI) 1. total quality management 2. total quality control 3. total quality leadership 4. total quality improvement & statistical quality control
why is the satisfaction of the customer, both internal & external, responsible for CQI it focuses on the needs & expectations of customers & continuous improvement of the service
what is quality assurance a set of specific tests designed to verify that the development and/or maintenance process is adequate to meet its objectives
what is quality control a set of activities done for maintenance of proper standards in the manufactured products of a system
tools to identify problems and analysis 1. brainstorming 2. focus groups 3. quality improvement team 4. information analysis
characteristics of brainstorming group process used to develop a large collection of ideas without regards to their validity
characteristics of focus groups 1. smaller groups that focuses on a particular problem & derive a solution 2. must have a skilled facilitator
characteristics of quality improvement team a group of individuals who implement the solutions derived by the focus group (i.e Process Improvement Project (PIP))
what does PIP stands for Project Improvement Project
characteristics of information analysis to organise the data collected for analysis
equipment or tools needed for QA tests 1. x-ray survey meters 2. phantoms
what are x-ray survey meters measurement of multiparameters
example of measurement of multiparameters 1. kVp 2. dose 3. dose rate 4. Half Value Layer (HVL) 5. pulse 6. pulse rate 7. mA 8. mAs 9. time 10. waveforms
types of QA tests 1. AEC reproducibility test 2. kVp linearity test 3. mAs linearity test 4. entrance dose assessment 5. image resolution assessment 6. beam limiting device accuracy test
types of AEC reproducibilty test 1. density control 2. dose assessment
kVp linearity test means fixed _____ mAs
mAs linearity test means fixed ______ kVp
features of the collimation/beam alignment test 1. provide necessary verification of proper congruence of the collimator light field & xray beam 2. misalignment of collimator may cause key portions of the image to be missing 3. beam alignment portion confirms central ray is perpendicular to IR
_____ beam alignment will cause a ________ radiographic image improper, distorted
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