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Barron's New GRE

abate subside; moderate; lessen in intensity; put an end to
aberrant abnormal, deviant
abeyance temporary inactivity; suspended action
abstemious sparing in eating and drinking; temperate
adulterate make impure by adding inferior or tainted substances; contaminate, debase
aggregate sum total; gross amount; whole mass; materials used in making concrete
alacrity promptness; cheerful willingness; eagerness; briskness
amalgamate combine; unite in one body; blend; merge
ameliorate improve; make better or more bearable; amend
anachronistic chronologically out of place; out of its proper time period
anomaly irregularity; abnormality; deviation from the norm; something difficult to classify
antipathy habitual aversion; intense dislike; natural repugnance; hatred
apocryphal spurious; not authentic; invented rather than true; mythical; uncanonical (not part of an accepted body of literary work)
apostate one who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs; turncoat; deserter; defector; renegade; traitor; rebel
apprise inform; make aware of; advise of; notify
approbation approval; good opinion; commendation; praise
ascetic one who practices self-denial; hermit; abstainer
asperity sharpness of temper; harshness of manner; severity; acrimony; acerbity; roughness of surface
aspersion slanderous remark; abusive attack; disparaging comment; slur; calumny
assiduous diligent; industrious; unremitting; persistent
assuage alleviate; mitigate; ease or lessen (pain); satisfy or appease (hunger); sooth or calm (anger)
astringent harshly biting; sharp and penetrating; bitter in taste; caustic; causing contraction
attenuate weaken or lessen (in density, force, or degree); make thinner or finer; become weak or fine; rarefy
autonomy political or personal independence; self-governance; freedom
aver assert confidently; affirm; declare; avow; profess; as used in law, state formally as a fact
baleful deadly; having a malign influence; ominous; threatening harm or misfortune; menacing
banality lack or originality; triteness; a commonplace expression
bane cause of ruin or misery; blight; curse
beneficent producing benefits; charitable; generous
blithe carefree; happy; lighthearted
bolster support; prop up; reinforce
bombastic pretentious and long-winded; pompous; using inflated language
boor someone who acts in a rude or insensitive way; lout; oaf
brook allow; tolerate; put up with
burgeon develop rapidly; flourish; send out new buds
burnish make shiny by rubbing; polish
cacophonous discordant; unpleasant-sounding; grating; strident
castigation verbal punishment; scolding; severe criticism; public censure
catalyst someone or something that precipitates an action or change; substance that initiates or speeds up a chemical reaction without itself being affected
caustic able to burn, dissolve, or corrode by chemical action; bitingly sarcastic; stinging; harsh; corrosive
chicanery trickery to deceive someone; deception; fraud; evasion
coagulate thicken; congeal; clot
coda concluding section of a musical or literary composition; something that rounds out, summarizes, or concludes
cogent convincing; well-argued; powerfully persuasive
commensurate corresponding in extent, degree, amount, etc.; proportionate; adequate
compendium comprehensive though brief summary or a larger work; digest or abstract; inventory
complaisant obliging; eager to please; overly polite
compliant (1) submissive; yielding; willing to obey; acquiescent
compliant (2) conforming to requirements; meeting official obligations
confound confuse; mix up; puzzle; baffle; thwart; refute (an argument)
connoisseur person competent to act as a judge of art, etc.; person with discriminating taste
contention claim or thesis; disagreement; debate; strife; conflict
contrite penitent; remorseful; repentant; deeply sorry
conundrum riddle, especially one involving a pun; puzzle; difficult problem; dilemma
converge come together; approach an intersecting point, tend to meet
convoluted intricate; highly complex, even devious; involved; coiled around
craven cowardly; contemptibly timorous; spineless; pusillanimous
daunt intimidate; frighten; dishearten
denigrate blacken; belittle; defame; disparage
desiccate dry up; preserve by removing moisture; dehydrate
desultory aimless; haphazard; unfocused; disappointing in performance
diatribe bitter, accusing criticism; tirade; sharp verbal attack; harangue
dichotomy division; split; branching into two parts (especially contradictory ones); duality
diffidence timidity; shyness; self-doubt; lack of self-confidence
diffuse wordy; verbose; widely spread out (like a gas); scattered
dirge lament, usually musical; funeral song or tune
disabuse correct a false impression; free someone from an erroneous belief; undeceive
discrete separate; unconnected; consisting of distinct parts; isolated; do not confuse with discreet, which means tactful
disingenuous lacking candor; falsely pretending to be frank; insincere
disinterested unbiased; impartial; neutral; dispassionate
disjointed disconnected; incoherent; disorganized; taken apart at all the joints
disparate fundamentally different; wholly dissimilar; unrelated; unlike
dissemble feign; hide behind a false appearance; conceal one's motives; dissimulate
dissolution disintegration; dissolving into parts; termination; indulgence in sensual pleasures; debauchery
dissonance discord; inharmonious sound; cacophony; disagreement; incongruity
distend expand; swell up; inflate
divest strip; deprive; free from; take away; cease to hold (an investment)
ebullience exuberance; overflowing enthusiasm; high-spirits; a boiling over
efficacy effectiveness; power to bring about a desired effect; usefulness
effrontery impudence; shameless boldness; sheer nerve; impertinence; insolence
elaboration embellishment; amplification; refinement; addition of details; intricacy
elegy mournful poem; lament for the dead; melancholy musical composition; the opposite of paean
elicit draw forth; evoke; prompt; succeed in obtaining (information) from someone
empirical based on experience; verifiable by experiment or observation; firsthand; pragmatic
encomium eulogy; high praise; formal tribute; panagyric
endemic native; indigenous; prevalent in a particular region or among a particular group
enervate weaken; debilitate; render feeble; drain
engender cause; produce; stir up; prompt; create; breed
equanimity composure; equilibrium; calmness of temperament; self-posession
equivocate lie; prevaricate; speak misleadingly; hedge
erudition deep scholarly knowledge; scholarship; learning
eulogize praise highly; extol; panegyrize; give or write a laudatory speech
euphemism mild expression used in place of an unpleasant one; act of substituting an inoffensive term
exculpate clear from blame; exonerate; vindicate; acquit
exigent urgent; pressing; exacting; taxing; requiring immediate action
extrapolation inference based on known facts; conjecture; estimate; projection
facetious humorous; joking (often inappropriately); not seriously intended; flippant
fallacy mistaken idea based on flawed reasoning; invalid argument; erroneousness
fatuous brainless; inane; smugly foolish; asinine
fawning obsequious; servile; sycophantic; bootlicking; toadying
felicitous appropriate; apt; well-chosen; fortunate
flag lose vigor; fade; wane; droop; grow feeble
fledgling young; inexperienced; new; untried
florid overly ornate; flowery; grandiloquent; ruddy; reddish
flout reject mockingly; show contempt for; scoff at; disregard scornfully
foment stir up; incite; instigate; stimulate; provoke
forestall prevent by taking action in advance; hinder; preclude; avert
frenetic frenzied; frantic; hectic; wildly agitated; uncontrolled
gainsay contradict; take exception to; dispute; deny; oppose
garrulity talkativeness; loquacity; volubility
grandiloquent lofty in style; using inflated language; pompous; bombastic
harangue intense verbal attack; passionate, vehement speech; diatribe; tirade
heterodox unorthodox; unconventional; dissident; disagreeing with accepted beliefs
homogeneity uniformity of structure of composition; formation out of similar elements
hyperbolic excessively exaggerated; overstated; inflated beyond reason
iconoclastic attacking cherished traditions; nonconformist; rebellious; dissident
idiosyncrasy individual trait, usually odd in nature; eccentricity; quirk; foible
idolatrous blindly devoted; excessively adoring; idol-worshipping; idolizing
idyllic charmingly carefree and simple; unspoiled; serene; pastoral
illusory deceptive; false; misleading; unreal
impassive without feeling; imperturbable; stoical; phlegmatic; expressionless
imperiousness overbearing manner; domineering attitude; arrogance; lordliness
impermeable impervious; not permitting passage through its substance; impenetrable; waterproof
imperturbable unflappable; unflustered; composed; calm
impervious impenetrable; incapable of being damaged or distressed; invulnerable; incapable of being affected
implacable unable to be appeased; inexorable; unbending; merciless; relentless
implicit understood, but not directly stated; implied; unquestioning
impregnable invulnerable; invincible; difficult to refute; capable of conceiving
inchoate not fully formed; incipient; rudimentary; undeveloped; lacking order
inconsequential insignificant; unimportant; trivial; illogical
indeterminate uncertain; not clearly fixed; undefined; unsettled; vague
indigent extremely poor; penurious; destitute; impecunious
inert inactive; motionless; immobile; incapable of reacting chemically
ingenuous naive and trusting; artless; unsophisticated; innocent
innocuousness harmlessness; inoffensiveness; insipidity; innocence
insensible incapable of feeling; unresponsive; emotionless; unfeeling; unaware
insularity narrow-mindedness; provinciality; parochialism; isolation
intractable stubborn; unyielding; obstinate; obdurate; unruly; pigheaded
intransigence stubbornness; refusal of any compromise; obstinacy; obduracy; extreme firmness
inundate overwhelm; flood; submerge; deluge; swamp
inured accustomed; hardened; toughened; habituated
invective abuse; verbal attack; vituperation; violent censure
irascible irritable; touchy; testy; quick-tempered
irresolute uncertain how to act; unsure; weak; indecisive; vacillating
lachrymose tearful; weeping; sorrowful; melancholy; dolorous
lassitude languor; weariness; lack of energy
latent potential but undeveloped; dormant; hidden
loquacious talkative; voluble; garrulous; gabby; long-winded
lumber move heavily; shamble; plod
luminous shining; issuing light; glowing; gleaming
magnanimity generosity; greatness of spirit; nobility; high-mindedness
malinger shirk; feign illness to evade work
malleable capable of being shaped by pounding; soft and pliable; impressionable
maverick rebel; nonconformist; eccentric; oddball
mendacious untruthful; lying; habitually dishonest; deceitful
mercurial capricious; unpredictable; inconstant; fickle; volatile; lively
metamorphosis change of form; transformation; total alteration; transfiguration
misanthrope one who hates or distrusts people
morose melancholy; dejected; gloomy; sullen
neophyte novice; tyro; beginner; tenderfoot
obduracy stubbornness; obstinacy; inflexibility; intransigence
obsequious servile; sycophantic; fawning; slavishly attentive
obviate prevent (problems); preclude; make unnecessary
occlude shut; close; clog; obstruct; block
officious meddlesome; interfering; excessively push in offering one's services
onerous burdensome; heavy; oppressive
opprobrium ignominy; disgrace caused y shameful behavior; state of dishonor; obloquy
oscillate swing to and fro like a pendulum; vacillate; waver
ostentation pretentious show - of wealth; gaudy display - often vulgar; excessive showiness; pretentiousness
palpable tangible; perceptible by touch; touchable; easily perceived; obvious
panegyric eulogistic oration; encomium; tribute; formal expression of praise
paragon model of perfection; pattern of excellence; peerless example; ideal instance
parsimony excessive frugality; stinginess; meanness
pathological relating to the study of disease; caused by disease; manifesting compulsive behavior; abnormal
paucity scarcity; dearth; scantiness; insufficiency of number; fewness
peccadillo minor sin; slight offense; trifling fault; slip
pedantic showing off one's learning; overly fussy about minute details; didactic; bookish; nitpicking
penchant strong inclination; decided taste; definite liking; predilection
penury extreme poverty; destitution; indigence; pennilessness; impecuniousness
perennial lasting many years; enduring; recurring again and again; continuing
perfidious disloyal; treacherous; faithless; deceitful; traitorous
perfunctory superficial; cursory; not thorough; indifferent; negligent
permeable penetrable; porous; allowing liquids or gas to pass through
phlegmatic not easily disturbed or excited; calm; composed; unruffled; sluggish
plasticity physical malleability; ability to be shaped without breaking; capability of being molded
platitude trite remark; commonplace statement; banal comment; cliché; bromide
plethora superabundance; excess; glut; surfeit
plummet plunge; drop sharply; fall swiftly; decline steeply
porous sievelike; permeable; allowing passage of air or liquids
preamble preface; introduction; foreword; prologue; preliminary circumstance
precarious dangerous; risky; perilous; uncertain; insecure; unreliable
precipitate hasty; rash; sudden; abrupt; headlong; impetuous; rapid
precursor forerunner; predecessor; herald; harbinger; biochemical substance that gives rise to another substance, as in a chemical reaction
prevaricate lie; speak misleadingly; intentionally misstate; equivocate; fib
pristine unspoiled; unsullied; unpolluted; undefiled; pure; immaculately clean; primitive
probity integrity; uprightness; rectitude; incorruptibility; honesty; righteousness
problematic doubtful; unsettled; unresolved; uncertain baffling; debatable; unsure
prodigality wasteful extravagance; recklessness with money; uncontrolled spending; lavishness
profligacy dissipation; dissoluteness; licentiousness; debauchery; depravity; wasteful extravagance
prohibitive tending to prevent or discourage something's purchase or use; inclined to prevent or forbid
proliferate increase in number; spread rapidly; multiply
propensity innate inclination; bent; natural tendency; proclivity; penchant; predisposition
propitiate appease; conciliate; mollify; placate; sooth; pacify
propriety fitness; appropriateness; correctness of behavior; conformity to conventional standards; decorum; seemliness; decency
proscribe denounce; condemn; prohibit; forbid; ostracize; banish; outlaw; ban
pundit learned authority; authoritative critic or commentator; scholarly expert; expert analyst
pungent acrid-tasting; strong-smelling; stinging; caustic; bitter; mordant; penetrating; mentally keen
quiescent at rest; still; dormant; temporarily inactive; quiet; motionless
rarefied made less dense (of a gas); elevated in nature; lofty; refined; select; esoteric
recalcitrant obstinately stubborn; determined to resist authority; unruly; intractable; refractory; fractious
recant disclaim; disavow; retract a previous statement; repudiate; openly confess error
reclusive solitary; seeking isolation; withdrawn from society; providing seclusion; cloistered
recondite difficult to understand; profound; abstruse; esoteric; obscure; mysterious; secret
redoubtable formidable; causing fear or awe; commanding respect
refractory intractable; unruly; fractious; recalcitrant; obstinately stubborn; resistant to treatment
reprobate unprincipled or evil person; depraved individual; person hardened by sin; scoundrel; wastrel; miscreant
rescind revoke; repeal; annul; abrogate; cancel; nullify; withdraw; countermand
salubrious conducive to good health; healthful; beneficial
sanction officially authorize; approve; allow; encourage; permit; agree to
satiate surfeit; satisfy fully, or excessively; glut; gore; sate
secrete hide away; conceal; cache; produce and release a bodily substance (digestive juices, hormones, etc.)
shard broken piece, generally of pottery; fragment of earthenware
solicitous anxious; worried; apprehensive; concerned; mindful; eager; extremely careful
speciousness seeming plausibility; superficial but misleading appearance of correctness; fallaciousness; deceptiveness
stigma mark of disgrace; stain; blot; blemish; badge of infamy; taint
stint be frugal; set limit; be thrifty; restrict; be sparing; scrimp
stipulate make express conditions; specify; arrange specifically; require; expressly demand; insist on
stolid impassive; unemotional; not easily excited; indifferent; phlegmatic; dull
striated marked with parallel bands; grooved; furrowed; ridged; striped
supposition assumption; surmise; hypothesis; presupposition
tacit understood without being put into words; unspoken; silent; unvoiced; implied without being openly stated; unexpressed; implicit
tangential peripheral; digressive; divergent; only superficially pertinent; off on a tangent
tenuous thin; threadlike; attenuated; unsubstantiated; weak; flimsy; insignificant; unimportant; vague
tirade bitter outburst; vehement denunciation; extended scolding; harangue; diatribe
torpor apathy; sluggishness; listless indifference; lethargy; stolidity; inertia; dormancy
tortuous full of twists and turns; winding; curvy; crooked; misleadingly indirect; circuitous; roundabout; serpentine; intricate
tout solicit support, business; publicize; promote; advertise; praise excessively
tractable docile; amenable; yielding; submissive; readily compliant; complaisant; malleable
transgression violation of a law; sin; infraction; exceeding of bounds; wrongdoing; breach
truculence belligerence; aggressiveness; hostility; ferocity; pugnacity; fierceness; being disposed to fight
veneration profound respect; reverence; awe
veracious truthful; honest; accurate in content; precise
viable practical; workable; feasible; capable of maintaining life; capable of growth and expansion; capable of success
virtuosity extreme ability in an artistic form; masterly skill or technique
viscous sticky; thick; adhesive; gluey; syrupy
vituperative abusive; scathing; venomous; scolding; denunciatory; censorious; defamatory; vilifying; insulting
warranted justified; authorized; sanctioned; defensible; guaranteed
welter bewildering jumble; muddle; clutter; confusion; turmoil; tumult
zealotry fanaticism intolerance of conflicting beliefs, undue enthusiasm
zenith highest point; point directly overhead in the sky (nadir is the opposite); summit; apex; peak; culmination
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