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rad info 2

rad info health informatics

what is LAN local area network
definition of LAN a computer network that interconnects computers in a limited area such as a home, school, computer laboratory or office building using network media
What is WAN wide area network
definition of WAN it links widely dispersed sites often leased, dedicated telecommunication lines
what is P2P peer to peer network
definition of P2P network 1. consists of several computers which are connected to each other 2. "network" consists of shared folders located on computers within the network
what is client server network it uses a central server and specialized network software
the computers which connect to the server are called clients
the server acts as a hub
what is VPN virtual private network
definition of vpn is a private network that connects users via and therefore residing within a public network infrastructure (typically the internet). VPNs allow the users to communicate via the internet as if they are within LAN, WAN or intranet
what are internet routers they are designed to connect portions of the network and enhance the efficiency of the overall network traffic and preventing "network jams"
what does the internet router do it direct the stream of internet packets as they travel from source to destination
what is DNS Domain Name Systems
what is internet addressing 1. internet addressing are used by TCP/IP packets to get from source to destination 2. each computer on the internet has a dinstinct address
what is ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers It is the governing body for the internet's naming system
what is SSL secure socket layer
what are the 3 major components of SSL 1. a request for communication 2. a software "handshake" agreement between browser and server 3. the establishment of a secure connection between the browser and sever
The establishment of the a secure connection between the browser and server is also known as a pipe
what are computer worms it is a virus that propagates through a "holes" in the software on a computer without any requirement for user action such as opening an email
what are trojan horses a trojan horse code is activated when a user does something like download a software from the web that appears to be desirable but isn't
what are firewalls it is a security system which prevents hackers from attacking through network interfaces
what is a malware it is a generic name referring to a software products that behaves badly on one's computer
what is an adware it is any software application responsible for the display of advertising on a user's computer
what is a spyware it can record your keystrokes, surfing history, passwords and other confidential information
spyware is ________ than adware more dangerous
what are page hijackers they are programs that attempt to take control of the user's preferred homepage and replace it with one of the hijacker's choices
what is packet sniffing it is when malicious parties tap into traffic crossing the internet and thereby gain access to confidential communications
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