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rad info

rad info summary

what is the definition of health informatics it is a combination of computer science, information science and health science designed to assist in the management and processing of data, information and knowledge to support healthcare and healthcare delivery.
What are other terms that has the same meaning as Health informatics ? clinical informatics or medical informatics
The computer science contributes the 1. technology 2. software 3. hardware
What is the objective of computer science ? generate data
what is the objective of the information science ? management of data generated by the technology
what is the objective of the health science ? interpret the data generated
what does a clinical systems trainer do ? responsible for end-user education
what does a research and decision support analyst do ? 1. uses a variety of analytical tools & databases to support senior management with information decision-making and strategy development 2. work with product & policy organization on high level analysis projects such as clinical trials & outcomes researc
what does a security officer ? 1.manage the security of all electronically maintained information 2. implement policies, security requirements 3. audit performance
what does a health informatician do ? 1. concentrates on improving efficiency using information technology and data management 2. educate clinicians and healthcare workers in information concepts
what does a clinical system analyst do ? coordinate, analyse, implement, monitor the system integrity for health information management
what does a database reporting analyst do ? 1. assists in the analysis, planning, creation and maintenance of simple to moderately complex database projects 2. develop reports 3. analyse data
what does a health information manager ? 1. A high level position requiring an in-depth knowledge of information systems 2. works with information executives and users
what does a data quality manager do ? 1. monitor data integrity throughout the organisation 2. responsible for the quality of access to information
what does a data resource administrator ? 1. provides long-term integrity of and access to information 2. uses media such as electronic health records and data to meet current and future care needs across the continuum of care
what is a health information system ? comprises of several applications that support organizations' needs but they need to integrate well for the systems to function efficiently.
what does HL-7 mean ? Health Level 7
What is EMR ? Electronic Medical Records
Definition of EMR electronic patient record that resides in a system
Purpose of EMR it is designed to support users by providing accessibility to complete and accurate data, alerts, reminders, links to medical knowledge and other aids
The 3 Rs of EMR Reposit, report, research
what does reposit refers to ? refers to how the information that healthcare practitioners need are stored inside the computer either for immediate or future display
what does report refers to ? refers to the display of information for clinical use
what does research refers to ? refers to the intelligent analysis of data contained in the clinical data repositories for the purpose of providing clinical decision support
8 functions of EMR 1. management of patient health info & data 2. presentation of results acquired from patient testing 3. Computerised Physician Order Entry (CPOE) 4. Decision support 5. communications 6. patient support 7. administrative 8. internal & external repo
benefits of emr enhancement of patient care delivery 2. management of patient care 3. efficiency of support processes 4. administrative
problems affecting the acceptance of emr 1. redefinition of roles of consumers of the medical records 2. creation of standards for data and data security 3. cost of retooling 4. ability to coordinate with multiple providers because some patients have multiple conditions
What is EHR electronic health records
In Singapore EHR is also known as National Electronic Health Records (NEHR)
what is the purpose of NEHR provide secured "real-time" access to patients' medical records by authorised clinicians and healthcare providers
functions of EHR 1. longitudinal summary of healthcare profile 2. consolidated view of patient's current problems 3. share critical patient information across all providers involved in patient's clinical journey 4. patient information accessible @ point of care
what is ethernet it is one of the oldest network configurations in which computers are strung along a common cable
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