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Information about Mathematical Equations, Geometry Etc.

How many diagonals does a rectangle have? 2.
What are they? Congruent.
What does one diagonal do to another bisects the other.
Each diagonal divides the rectangle into how many right tringles? 2 congruent right triangles.
Because triangles are congruent they have what? Same area and each triangle is half of the area of a rectangle.
What is the diagonal of a rectangle? The diagonal of a rectangle is the hypotenuse of a triangle (mostly a right triangle).
What is mainly found using the Pythagorean/Pythagorus Theorem? The Hypotenuse.
When are 2 shapes similar? They are similar if there is only once difference, size.
why is it useful? It is useful because corresponding angles are equal. Lines are in proportion
What is a ratio? a comparison of two numbers or two like quantities by division
what is a proportion? an equation which states that 2 ratios are equivalent
What is a ratio usually written as? A fraction in simpest form
Does a ratio have to be a proper fraction? No
Is it ever written as a mixed number Never would it be written as a mixed number
How do you write a ratio in simplest form? You would divide both the numerator and the denominator by the GCF.
What is a rate? A ratio that uses different units.
Does order matter when it comes to ratios? Absolutely
Is it important to keep the unit of measure throughout the computation? Yes
What is a unit rate? a rate that is simplified so that it has a denominator of 1
unit rates can be used to do what? Unit rates can be used to comparison shop
Is there only one way to find unit rates? No
What are two ways? Simplify the fraction until the denominator is one Another way is to divide the cost by the quantity
What is a better bargain when comparing unit rate? The lower priced item
What do most mathematicians prefer when it comes to proportions fraction form
Is proportional reasoning useful? yes
Where would you find it useful cooking for a larger group than usual, a chef will use proportional reasoning to double or triple a recipe architects use proportional reasoning to create models and scale drawings
what is the concept in proportional reasoning equivalent fractions
How do you check equivalent fractions? cross multiplication and it helps us to find the missing peace of the proportion
What do you do while solving proportions you use knowledge of cross-products being equal
When are 2 figures similar? When there is only a difference in size and rotation or flip or mirror
The properties of similar triangles are used when? the properties of similar triangles are often used for indirect measurement.
When would you use indirect measurement? If you cannot measure the height of an object because it sit too tall or far away, you can use indirect measurement to find the value.
what is the concept used in similar figures? proportions
15x 15= co-efficient x= variable
Is a scale drawing a proportionally correct drawing? yes
What are examples used in scale drawing? maps, blueprints, photos and models
What does the scale give a relationship between? measurements on the drawing or model and the measurements on the real object
what is the formula used in scale drawing? Scale= measurements of model: measurement of real object
When it comes to word problems what is useful? writing down the units
what is an integer? The set of who le numbers and their opposites is called a set of integers.
What do we use to compare integers a number line
What does a st of rational numbers consist of? all numbers that could or can be expressed in the from a/b where a and b are integers and b is not equal to 0
can rational numbers be written in different forms? yes they can be written in different forms
how can they be represented? they can be represented as a fraction, decimal or percentage.
What are irrational numbers? Irrational numbers are numbers that cannot be written in the from of a/b where a is any integer and b is any nonzero integer
What are irrational and rational numbers combined? Real numbers
What is scientific notation? Scientific notation is a simple way to write very large or very small numbers.
can numbers in scientific notation have negative integers? yes
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