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adequate:adj good enough for the situation
agony:noun great pain of body or mind
audible noun heard or capable of being heard
brawny (adj) muscular;strong
cantankerous:adj never agreeable; difficult to deal with
decade:noun a ten year period
exquisite:adj :extremely lovely; delicately beautiful :highly admirable ; excellent
ferocious;adj ferocity-noun savagely cruel; extremely fierce or violent
flourish flourishing (adj) noun: a fancy or showy motion; a dramatic,sweeping movement verb: to grow and develop well; to be succesful
hearsay:noun gossip: something that is not known directly but not from being repeated
impartial:adj fair:not taking one side or the other
mar:verb to damage; to keep from being perfect
opaque:adj blocking light; not capable of being seen tho
ransack:verb to search thoroughly throught
texture:noun the surface qualities of something:the way something feels to the touch
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