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CP Chemistry Final

Final Review Chapter 10-12

What is the SI unit used to measure the number of particles? mole
How many carbon atoms are in C6H12O6? 6
What are the 7 diatomic molecules? N, O, F, Cl, Br, I, H
What is Avagadro's number equal to? 1 mole
What is the molar mass of Na2SO4? 142.04
What is the molar volume of a gas a STP? 22.4 liters
What is the number of moles in a 700 L of He at STP? 31.25 moles
What is the percent composition of Na in Na2SO4? 32.37% Na
Which of the following is NOT an empirical formula: C1H2O1 or C6H12O6 C6H12O6
What is the empirical formula of a compound that is 25.5% magnesium and 74.5% chlorine? MgCl2
The molecular formula of a compound can be the same as its empirical formula. True or False? True
The molecular formula of a compound can be some whole number multiple of its empirical formula. True or False? True
Several comopunds can have the same empirical formula, but have different molecular formulas. True or False? True
The empirical formula of a compound can be triple its molecular formula. True or False? False
11. What is the molecular formula of a compound containing 80.00 g C, 13.34 g H, 106.66 g O and a molar mass of 330 g/mol? C11H22O11
What is the study of the relationships that can be calculated from chemical formulas and equations? stoichiometry
After you have balanced the equation, what is the next step in most stoichiometry problems? convert the given quantity to moles
What do the coefficients in a balanced equation represent? mole ratio
When 2 substances react to form products, what is the reactant that is completely used up? limiting reactant
What is the value obtained when an equation is used to calculate the amount of product that will form during a reaction? expected yield
What would likely happen if you were to touch the flask in which an endothermic reaction were occuring? The flask would feel cooler.
What happens when energy is converted from one form to another? the total energy remains the same
What kind of energy is transferred to due to a temperature difference? heat energy
What kind of process absorbs heat? endothermic process
The amount of heat transferred from one object to another depends on what 3 factors? (Think of the "q" formula) mass, change in temperature, specific heat of the object
On what principal does calorimetry depend? Law of Conservation of Energy
What is the amount of heat needed to melt one mole of a solid at a constant temperature? molar heat of fusion
Created by: ssuriano
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