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T-Z GRE Vocabulary

"T" "U" "V" "W" & "Z" Words

tacit implied; not explicitly stated
taciturn uncommunicative; silent
tenacious adhering to or persisting in something valued
tenuous having little substance or strength; flimsy; weak
terse brief and concise in wording
tirade a long and extremely critical speech; a harsh denunciation
timorous timid; fearful
toady sycophant; flatterer
tortuous winding; twisting; excessively complicated
tout to publicly praise or promote
transient fleeting; passing quickly; brief
trenchant sharply perceptive; keen; penetrating
truculent fierce and cruel; eager to fight
truncate to cut off abruptly
tyro novice; greenhorn; rank amateur
unfeigned genuine; not false or hypocritical
untenable indefensible; not viable; uninhabitable
untrammeled not hampered or impeded
urbane sophisticated; refined; elegant
vacillate to move indecisively between one course of action or opinion and another
vagary unpredictable action
variegated multicolored; characterized by a variety of patches of different color
venal capable of being bought or bribed
venerate to revere; to worship
verisimilitude appearance of truth or reality
vexation annoyance; irritation
vigilant alertly watchful
viscous thick; sticky
vituperate to use harsh, condemnatory language; to abuse severely
volatile readily changing to a vapor; changeable; fickle
voracious having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit
waft to cause to move as if by a light breeze
waver to move to and fro; to sway; to be unsettled in opinion
wend to go; to proceed
zealous fervent; ardent; impassioned
Created by: bj1white
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