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Physics P2 Rev

What is a force? Can cause change to shape or movement of an object
What does a slope mean on a distance/time graph? Steady speed/Accelerating
What does a straight flat line mean on a distance/time graph? Stopped
On a distance/time graph GRADIENT= Speed
On a velocity/time graph a sloping line up means Acceleration
On a velocity/time graph a flat line means Steady Speed
On a velocity/time graph a line along the bottom axis means Stopped
On a velocity/time graph a sloping line down means Decelerating
On a velocity/time graph GRADIENT= Acceleration
What is terminal velocity When you fall through a fluid and there is a frictional force (drag)
What is acceleration When an objects velocity changes
Pull forces are always Equal and opposite to eachother as they increase
Extension of a spring is Directly Proportional
Extension of an elastic band is Not directly Proportional
Speed- Distance divided by time
Regenerative Braking systems... Uses system that drives the vehicle to do the majority of the breaking. Puts the vehicle in reverse
Air Bags... Slow you down more gradually to prevent you from hitting hard surfaces inside the car
Crumple Zones... Crumple on impact as kinetic energy is converted into other typed of energe by the car body as the shape changes. It increases the impact times.
Side Impact Bars... Direct kinetic energy of crash away from passengers
Seat Belts... Increases time for the wearer to stop and reduces the forces in the chest
What is Momentum? The property of moving objects
Momentum before= Momentum after
The current in a circuit depends on The resistance of the components and the supply (Amps)
What is potential difference? The driving force that pushes the current around the circuit
How is static electricity made? By rubbing 2 different non conductors together
In static electricity which electrons move? Negative
If a material gains electrons... It becomes negatively charged
In series circuits potential difference is... Shared
In series circuits current is... The same everywhere
In series circuits cell voltages... Add up
In Parallel circuits potential difference is... The same everywhere
In Parallel circuits current is... Shared between branches
What is direct current? Cells and batteries supply current that always passes in the same direction
What is alternating current? Current that is constantly changing direction
How many cycles are there per minute in mains electricity 50
Blue cable is Neutral
Brown cable is Live
Green and yellow cable is Earth
What is a circuit breaker? An electrical device that protects the circuit from damage if too much current flows
What is the function of a fuse? When the current in a fuse wire exceeds the rating of the fuse it will melt so breaks the circuit
The nucleus in the plum pudding model... Is tiny and makes up most of the mass of the atom because it contains protons and neutrons so has a positive charge
The majority of an atom is Mostly empty space
Negative electrons... move around the nucleus really fast which gives it it's overall size
Alpha radiation... has 2 protons and 2 neutrons so is a helium nucleus. They are big, heavy and slow moving and are stopped by almost any material
Beta radiation... Are quite fast and small and have a long range. They are electrons with a charge of -1.
Gamma radiation... Penetrate far into materials and have no mass or charge as they are EM waves
What is half life? The average time it takes for the number of nuclei in the isotope in a sample to halve
What is fission When the nuclei SPLITS into 2 smaller nuclei and 2 or 3 neutrons and releases energy
What are the 2 fissionable substances? Uranium-235 and Plutonium-239
What is fusion? The joining of 2 atomic nuclei to form a larger one. It is the process in which energy is released in stars
Created by: Ello123