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Algebra Vocabulary

A set of cards matching vocabulary and definitions of algebraic terms

Algebra The branch of mathematics where symbols or letters are used to represent numbers.
Axis One of the lines used to locate a point in a coordinate system.
Coefficient The number in front of an algebraic symbol, for example the 5 of 5x.
Constant A letter or symbol whose value always stays the same, π is a common example.
Equation Two expressions which have the same value, separated by an '=' sign, e.g. 3y = 9 + y.
Expand To multiply out brackets in an expression, for example, 2(3x + 7) = 6x + 14.
Expression A collection of terms which can contain variables (letters) and numbers, e.g. 4pq - q + 7.
Factorise To put an expression into brackets by taking out a common factor, for example, 20x + 15y = 5(4x + 3y).
Formula An equation used to describe a relationship between two or more variables.
Gradient How steep a line is, found by dividing the distance up by the distance across.
Indices Another name for powers such as ² or ³.
Quadratic equation An equation where the highest power is two, for example x² + 4x + 6 = 0.
Sequence A list of numbers which follows a pattern, for example 6, 11, 16, 21, ...
Solve To find the missing value in an equation.
Term A number, variable or combination of both which forms part of an expression.
Variable A letter which we don't know the value of.
x-axis The horizontal axis on a graph; the line going across the page.
y-axis The vertical axis on a graph; the line going from top to bottom.
y-intercept The value of the y-coordinate when a graph crosses the y-axis.
z-axis Represents the depth of an object when working with 3D coordinates.
nth Term A formula with 'n' in it which enables you to find any term of a sequence without having to go up from one term to the next.
Created by: ralphbcotmaths