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Vocab chk 8 PACE

8th vocab chk PACE

Dimensions the measurement of a figure's edges (length, width, height)
Exponent in a power, the number of times the base is used as a factor
Integer a whole number or its opposite
rational number a number that can be written as a ratin of two integers
zero pair the result when one positive is paired with one negative
coefficient the number in front of the variable, indicating multiplicatin (ex. the 8 in 8x)
inverse operation are opposite mathematical computations, such as addition and subtraction
terms each number in a sequence
variable a symbol, usually a letter, used to represent a number
discount the amount of money save on a purchase, which is subtracted from the original price.
rate a ratio that compares two numbers with different kinds of units (for ex. gallons:hour, meters:second
tax percent of original price that has been added on to that price; a percent of the purchase price (which is paid to the government)
similar figures that have congruent corresponding angles, and proportional corresponding sides
transformation a change in postition, size, or shape of a figure on a coordinate plane
interval the equal parts a scale is divided into
scale the set of numbers used to label an axis when graphing ; must include the least and greatest numbers in the set.
sample space the set of all possible outcomes for a probability event
evaluate to calculate the numerical value for a mathematical expression
infer to draw a conclusion on the basis of evidence of reasoning
summerize to make a shortened version of somethin that has been said or written by focusing on stating the main points
Created by: laura.bearden