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BCHS Wochen 1-6 Verb

achten to pay attention
arbeiten to work
blicken to glance
beissen to bite
imponieren to impress
klopfen to knock
lieben to live
heben to lift
fluten to flood
schneiden to cut
backen to bake
baden to bathe
annehment to accept
brüllen to roar
kosten to cost
greifen to grasp
kauen to chew
hetzen to rush around
schicken to send
messen to measure
öffnen to open
ziehen to pull
falten to fold
entstehen to consist of
liegen to lie
verschwinden to disappear
schieben to push
gucken to look
wiederholen to repeat
bedeuten to mean
atmen to breathe
bluten to bleed
gebrauchen to use
hauen to hit
leiden to suffer
schätzen to value
schalten to switch
zaubern to do magic
tun to do
fangen to catch
springen to jump
kriegen to obtain
schaden to damage
gewinnen to win
verlieren to lose
kotzen to vomit
vergessen to forget
aufhören to stop
gähnen to yawn
bitten to aks
denken to think
freuen to lookf forward to
erzählen to explain
suchen to search
drücken to push
nagen to gnaw
lösen to solve
werfen to throw
danken to thank
Created by: asibrel