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Word List 6

Bard - Bluff

Bard poet
Barefaced shameless; bold; unconcealed
Baroque extravagantly ornate
Barrage barrier laid down by artillery fire; overwhelming quantity
Barrister counselor-at-law
Barterer trader
Bask to take pleasure
Bastion stronghold; something seen as a source of protection
Bate let down; restrain
Bauble trinket; trifle
Bawdy indecent; obscene
Beatific angelic; blissful
Beatitude blessedness; state of bliss
Bedizen to dress in a showy, gaudy, tasteless manner
Bedraggle wet thoroughly
Beeline direct, quick route
Befuddle confuse thoroughly
Beget to father; produce; give rise to
Begrudge to resent
Beguile to mislead or delude; to cheat; to pass time
Behemoth huge creature; something of monstrous size or power
Beholden obligated; indebted
Behoove to be suited to; to be incumbent upon
Belabor to explain or go over excessively or to ridiculous degree; assail verbally
Belated delayed
Beleaguer to besiege or attack; to harass
Belie to contradict; to give a false impression
Belittle to disparage; to deprecate
Bellicose inclined to start quarrels or wars: warlike
Belligerent quarrelsome; bellicose
Bemoan lament; express disapproval of
Bemused confused; lost in thought
Benediction an expression of good wishes: blessing
Benefactor gift giver; patron
Beneficent kindly; doing good
Beneficial helpful; useful
Beneficiary person entitled to benefits or proceeds of an insurance policy or will
Benevolent generous; charitable
Benign kindly; favorable; not malignant
Benison blessing; benediction
Bent determined; natural talent or inclination
Bequeath to leave to someone by means of a will; hand down
Berate to scold strongly
Bereavement state of being deprived of something valuable or beloved
Bereft deprived of; lacking
Berserk frenzied
Beseech to beg; to plead with
Beset to harass or trouble; to hem in: Surround
Besiege to surround with armed forces; to harass (with requests)
Besmirch to soil, defile
Bestial beastlike; brutal; inhuman
Bestow to confer; to apply; to convey as a gift
Betoken to signify; to indicate
Betray to be unfaithful; to reveal (unconsciously or unwillingly)
Betroth to become engaged to marry
Bevy large group
Bicameral two-chambered
Bicker to quarrel
Biennial every two years
Bifurcated divided into two branches; forked
Bigotry stubborn intolerance
Bilious suffering from indigestion; irritable
Bilk to swindle; to cheat
Billowing swelling out in waves; surging
Bivouac temporary encampment; temporary shelter
Bizarre fantastic; violently contrasting
Blanch to bleach; to whiten
Bland soothing or mild; agreeable
Blandishment flattery
Blare loud, harsh roar or screech
Blase unconcerned; uninterested because of frequent exposure; sophisticated Syn: jaded
Blasphemy irreverence; sacrilege; cursing
Blatant extremely obvious; loudly offensive
Bleak cold or cheerless; unlikely to be favorable
Blighted suffering from a disease; destroyed
Blithe gay; joyous
Bloated swollen or puffed as with water or air
Blowhard talkative boaster: Braggart <After all Sol's talk about his big show business connections led nowhere, Sally decided he was just another blowhard.>
Bludgeon club; heavy-headed weapon <Holmes used his waling stick as a bludgeon to defend himself.>
Bluff (ADJ) rough but good-natured (N) deception; high cliff (V) to mislead or deceive
Becloud to confuse; darken with clouds
Created by: triwaingle