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Word List 5

Astral - Barb

Astral exalted, elevated in position; relating to the stars
Astringent causing contraction of tissues, thereby diminishing discharge; harsh; severe; stern
Astronomical enormously large or extensive
Astute having good judgment, wise; shrewd; keen
Asunder to separate into parts; apart or widely separated
Asylum a place of refuge or shelter; protection
Asymmetric not identical on both sides of a dividing central line
Atavism resemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents; reversion to an earlier type; throwback
Atheistic denying the existence of God
Atone to make amends for; to pay for
Atrocity a brutal deed
Atrophy to waste away; degeneration
Attentive observant; considerate; thoughtful
Attenuate to make thin; to weaken
Attest to testify; to bear witness
Attribute essential quality; to ascribe (refer); to explain
Attrition a gradual decrease in numbers
Atypical not normal
Audacious bold; daring; fearless
Audit formal examination of financial records
Augment to increase; to expand, extend
Augury an omen; a prophecy, prediction of events
August impressive, awe-inspiring, venerable; majestic
Aureole the sun's corona; halo
Auroral pertaining to the aurora borealis (northern lights)
Auspicious having favorable prospects, promising
Austere stern, strict, unadorned
Authenticate to prove genuine
Authoritarian extremely strict, bossy
Authoritative having the weight of authority; peremptory and dictatorial
Autocratic having absolute, unchecked power; dictatorial
Automaton a mechanism that is relatively self-operating: Robot
Autonomous self-governing; independent
Autopsy examination of a dead body; postmortem
Auxiliary supplementary, reserve
Avalanche great mass of falling snow and ice
Avarice greed
Avenge to retaliate, take vengeance for something
Aver to state with confidence; to declare to be true <She was able to aver the identity of the assailant.>
Averse to be reluctant; being disinclined
Aversion strong feeling of dislike
Avert to turn away; to avoid; to prevent
Aviary enclosure for birds
Avid greedy; eager for
Avocation secondary or minor occupation
Avow declare openly
Avuncular like an uncle
Awe overwhelming feeling of wonder
Awl pointed tool used for piercing
Awry distorted, crooked, amiss, askew
Axiom a universally accepted principle or rule; aphorism
Azure sky blue
Babble chatter idly
Bacchanalian a drunken feast
Badger to pester; to annoy
Badinage playful repartee (interchange of clever retorts); banter
Baffle frustrate; perplex
Bait to harass; to tease
Baleful deadly; harmful, with evil intentions; ominous
Balk to stop short and refuse to proceed; to refuse abruptly
Balk to foil (to prevent the success of)
Ballast heavy substance used to add stability to weight
Balm a soothing restorative agent
Balmy mild and refreshing; fragrant
Banal Hackneyed; commonplace; trite; lacking originality
Bandy to circulate freely <to bandy gossip>; to exchange
Bane cause of ruin; curse
Bantering to speak or act playfully or wittily
Barb sharp projection from fishhook or other object; openly cutting remark
Created by: triwaingle
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