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gnilleps Rawr xD:3

SpElLiNg words for the week Rawr :3 :D ._. -.- xD :D :D :D :D :3

adiubatic occurring without gain or loss of heat.
arduous extremely difficult
bloodhound one of a breed of medium- to large-sized dogs, usally having a black-and-tan coat, very long ears,loose skin, and an acute sense of smell.
colossal Very huge.
conundrum a large,stocky, shaggy-haired wild ox, of the Tibetan highlands, having long, curved horns: ENDANGERED.
desist to cease,as from some action or preceding; stop.
disagreement the act,state,or fact,of disagreeing.
extrovert an outgoing, gregarious person.
impeccable faultless, flawless, irreproachable.
incongnito having one's identity concealed.
malicious full of, characterized by,or showing spiteful.
peterbed to disturb or disquiet greatly in mind.
plethora overabundance excess.
tenacious holding fast by keeping a firm hold.
stymie an instant of balls landing on a line.
yak a large, stocky, shagged-haired wild ox, of the Tibetan highlands, having long, curved horns: Endangered.
Created by: Apollo123