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Line plot A way to organize data along a number line where the Xs above a number represent how often each value is mentioned
Bar graph A graphical representation of a table of data in which the height ore length of each bar indicates its frequency
Median The number that marks the middle of an ordered set of data
Mode The categorial or numerical value that occurs most often
Categorial Data Data that are "words" that represent possible responses within a given category
Numerical Data Values that are numbers such as counts, measurements, and ratings
Outliers Value that lies far from the "center" of a distribution.
coordinate graph a graphical representation in which points are used to denote parts of related numerical values
stem-and-leaf plot a quick way to picture the shape of a distribution while including the actual numerical values in the graph ( looks like stem and leaves)
mean sum of the values divided by the number of the values in a date set
abundant number a number with proper factors that add up to more than one number
common factor a number that is a factor of two or more given numbers
common multiple a multiple that is shared by two or more numbers
divisor the number you divide by
even number any number divisible by two
factor pair a pair of whole numbers whose product equals a given whole number
greatest common factor the largest whole number that is a factor of both number
least common multiple the smallest multiple other than 0 that two or more numbers have in common
odd number any number that is not divisible by two
perfect number a number with proper factors that add up to exactly the number
prime number a whole number that has exactly 1 factor and itself
square number a number that results from multiplying another number by itself ex. 3 x 3 = 9
venn diagram a graphic organizer that uses two overlapping circles and that compares and contrasts two things or ideas.
improper fraction
addends how much are you adding to the augend
sum the answer to an addition number
subtrahend how much are you subtracting from the minuend
difference the answer in a subtraction number
multiplier how much are you multiplying from the multiplicand
product the answer in a multiplication number
dividend how much are you dividing into the divisor
quotient the answer to a division number
multiples 16,24,32,40,48 are all multiples of 8
factors 6,1,4,2,and 3 are all multiples of 12
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