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five star note book

work sheet

Lowel, Massachusetts A river flowed through it, and there was a source of cheap and plentiful labor nearby.
National Road Streching from Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, Illinos.
Erie Canal On of the longest canals built in the early 1800's.
Samuel Slater Began his career as a skilled worker on cloth factory in Britain, helped bring the Industrial Revolution to the U.S.
Francis Cabot Lowel A Boston merchant that decided to brinf all the stadges in cloth-making together.
Eli Whitney Invented a machine that was called a cotton gin.
Rober Fullton An American engineer who developt a river boat powered by a steam engine.
Industrial Revolution Period of imprtant change from making goods by hand to making goods by hand machine in factory.
Manufature To make goods from raw materials.
Technology Use of scientific knowledge or new tools to make or do somthing.
Cotton gin Machine invented by Eli Whitney that cleaned the seeds fron cotton.
Mechanical reaper Machine invented by Cyrus McCormick that could harvest wheat quickly.
Canal Human made water way.
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