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Test 2

A critical appraisal should be a balanced appraisal of a study's strengths and weaknesses
A nurse reviewing a research article on anxiety in new mothers notes that the researcher used the tool " worry assessment sacle" to measure level of anxiety during the first 3 months of motherhood.nurse measure validity, which phase of critique? analysis
Examining a quantitative study to determine the extent to which the researcher followed the "rules" for an ideal study is part of which of the following steps in the critique process? comparison
Why is the critical appraisal of nursing research essential? There is a strong movement toward evidenced-based practice
What major skill is required to competently evaluate research? The ability to write concisely
What is the very first step in critically appraising an article? Throughly read the entire article
Which of the following statements would be an acceptable response to the question, "what is the study problem?" The researcher states the study problem completely and concisely. It is clear to the reader what was trying to be accomplished with the research.
What is the basic purpose of the comprehension phase of critiquing a research study? Gain a basic understanding of research
Which two phases of research critique are most likely to be done simultaneously? Comparison and analysis
In which phase of the critical appraisal is the study compared and contrrasted with the ideal, requiring that the reviewer understand each step of the research process? Compairson
If the reviewer is asking " To what populations can the findings be generalized?" Which phase of the research critique is represented? Evaluation
If a reviewer is asking " is the prb significant and relevant to nursing?" what part of the study is being critiqued? Research objectives, questions, or hypotheses
If a reviewer is asking " are they sufficiently sensitive to detect differences between subjects?" what part of the study is being critiqued? Measurements
A researcher explores the folloing question: Are there differences in energy expenditure between toileting in bed or out of bed in healthy adults and hospitalized patients? Which of the following is the independent variable? Adult Health Status
The following hypothesis was investigated in a study for review: Children who have a parent who is dieting are more likely to put themselves on diets at a young age. Which of the following is the independent variable? Dieting behavior of parents
The following hypothesis was investigated in a study: children who have a parent who is dieting are more likely to put themselves on diets at a young age. Which of the following i the dependent variable? Dieting behavior of child
The following hypothesis was investigated in a study you are reviewing: children who have a parent who is dieting are more likely to put themselves on diets at a young age. As you critique this study, What kind of hypothesis will you report? Simple, directional
The following hypothesis was investigated in a study: daily "doses of humore" will cause arthiritis sufferers to use pain medication and exercise longer. Which of the following is the independent variable? Doses of humor
The following hypothesis was investigated in a study" Daily "doses of humor" will cause arthritis sufferers to use less pain medication and exercise longer. Which of the following listed is the dependent variable? Length of exercise
In looking at the sampling plan of a study, the reviewer knows that the sample size needed for a study increases when the: Number of variables in the study increases.
Which of the following is an important skill when critiquing qualitative research? Being able to identify the potential weakness of qualitative research
When critiquing sample size in a study, which of the following study type would require the largest sample size? Correlational
Which of the following standards are not typically applied to qualitative research studies? statistical appropriateness for data analysis
Which of the following would represent a failure to adhere to ethical standards in a qualitative study? Continuing to question a subject about a traumatic incident after the subject begins to openly sob and asks to be excused
Which of the following is true about critiquing the literature review? The researcher should gather all relevent literature and present it as it applies to the current study, noting agreements, disagreements and gaps in the knowledge base.
The ---section compares the analysis of the data in the present study with the results of previous studies. Result
The --- section provides a conceptual picture that is developed from the theoretical literature and sometimes from empirical literature. Framework
The ----section includes both theoretical and empirical sources that document the current knowledge of the problem studied Review of Literature
The--- section of research report provides conclusions that are a synthesis of the findings from previous research and those from the present study. Discussion
The---section may cite references to provide support for the procedures and measurement methods used in a study Methods
Summary of existing knowledge should read like a short essay
Which of the following can be measured using direct measures? Age, gender, height, and weight
An indirect measure would be used to measure which of the following? Spiritual Perspective
The difference between the observed score and what exists in reality (true score) is called: Standard deviation
A researcher collecting ethnic data assigns the following numerical labels: 1=caucasian, 2=african american, 3=mexican american, 4=asian. this is an example of which type of data? Nominal
The lowest level of measurement is Nominal
A researcher records the weight of subjects in a study as:1=normal, 2=overweight for height, 3=underweight for height. A nominal level of measurement is used. Which of the following levels of measurement could also be used? Ordinal
Data characteristics that can be ranked are measured on which scale? Ordinal
What level of measurement does this scale represent? 1=less than 10,000, 2=10,001 to 25,000, 3=25,001 to 40,000, greater than 40, 000 Ordinal
What level of measurement is represented by the following? For the families of three children, indicate where the male child is in the birth order. 1.Oldest, 2.Middle, 3. Youngest Ordinal
A blood hemoglobin measurement of 13.5g/100mL would be which level of measurement? Ratio
Which level of measurement is indicated when referring to a temperature of 70 F? Interval
Which of the following scales has an absolute zero point? Ratio
A researcher studying time and motion measures how long it takes the nurse to do a particular task. The time is recorded in minutes for comparison with other subjects. This is an example of which type of measurement? Ratio
Which uses the higher level of measurement: temperature in fahrenheit degrees or weight in kilograms? wight
Which of the following represents the same idea for physiological instruments as reliability does for psychosocial instruments? Precision
Which of the following alpha coefficients would be lowest value you would accept in evaluating the reliability of a well-developed measurement tool? .80
A correlation coefficient is used in tool development to determine: reliability
Which is true about test-retest reliability? Is not useful in situation where the variable is dynamic and changing
Consistency is associated with reliability
Serendipitous findings are best dealt with in which of the following ways? Included in the final written report
In the research process, a critical factor in data collection is: Consistency
A major advantage of using a questionaire for data collection is that a questionaire: Can be distributed to large samples
Which of the following is an advantage of observational methods of data collection? These directly capture a record of events and behaviors
Which of the following is true about Liker scales? Scores from individual items can be summed for a total score
Interviews are generally preferable to questionnaires because: The quality of data tends to be higher
What is the population: Hispanic men over 55 years of age who have never been screened for prostate cancer? Hispanic Men
What might be an accessible population? Hispanic men over 55 years who have never been screened for prostate cancer. Hispanic men over 55 years who work for a large manufacturing plant that has an employee health nurse
Created by: Fatimasulejmani

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