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Spelling Rawr xD ._.

Spelling words for the week Rawr :3 :D :/ @_@ >.< >o< ^-^ D: :P n.n o.O

Bone meal Bones ground to a coarse powder used as fertilizer or seed food.
Liturgical a rite or body of rites prescribed for public worship.
Dachshund A small hound with a long body, very short legs, and long drooping ears.
Evil-Minded having an evil disposition or evil thoughts.
Death The ending of all life.
Nervure a vein in a leaf or in the wing of an insect.
Capital Profitable use.
Dangerous able or likely to injure.
Lacerate to by tearing.
Dextrous skillful with the hands.
Nutmeg a spice that is the goournd seeds of a small evergreen tropical tree.
Star any of those except planets which are visible at night and look like fixed points of light.
Karat a unit of fineness for gold<14=Karat gold contains fourteen parts of gold.>
Delphinium a tall plant related to buttercups and often grown for its large stalks of showy flowers.
Kerosene a thin oil obtained from petroleum and used as a fuel and solvent.
Refraction the bending of a ray when it passes at an angle from one.
Magisterial of or relating to a magistrate or his ofiice or duties.
Abstruct expressing a quality apart from an actual person or thing that posseses it.
pyramid a large structure built in ancient Egypt.
gnu a South Africa animal alike the antelope, but with a Ox's head. Also known as wilderbeast.
Created by: Apollo123