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Lesson 36 & 37

Loanwords ending in -us/ Loanwords Ending in -IUM

Animus (n) Strong hatred; enmity; animosity; antagonism ant. favor
Consensus (n) General agreement; opinion held by most of those concerned
Focus (n) 1. Central point; center of interest or activity 2. Position in which an object must be viewed clearly
Hiatus (n) Break in the continuity of something; missing part; gap; interruption
Humus (n) Dark substance essential for fertility formed in the soil by decomposition of plan and animal matter; organic part of the soil
Impetus (n) Driving force that stimulates activity; stimulus; impulse; incentive; goad
Onus (n) Burden; Load; difficult task; unpleasant responsibility
Status (n) 1. Position one holds in relation to others; rank; standing 2. high position; distinction; prestige
Terminus (n) 1. end; finishing point; boundary; extremity 2. Either end of a transportation line; terminal
Virus (n) 1. Disease-causing substance or organism so tiny that it cannot be seen with an ordinary microscope 2. Anything that corrupts a person's character or mind
Magnanimous (adj) Generous in forgiving insult o injury; not petty; greathearted
Sentiment (n) Attitude; feeling; opinion
Focal (adj) of or at a focus; central
Exhume (v) Dig up; disinter; remove from a grave
Posthumous (adj) 1. Occurring after one has died 2. Published after the author's death 3. Born after the father's death
Exonerate (n) Free from blame or responsibility; relieve of a task or obligation
Impetuous (adj) Acting or done suddenly and forcefully with little thought; impulsive; rash; precipitate ant. careful; planned
Aquarium (n) 1. Public building for the study and exhibition of live water animals and plants 2. Glass-sided tank or artificial pond for keeping living water animals and plants
Compendium (n) Brief but comprehensive summary of a subject; condensed account of a field of knowledge; abstract; abridgment
Delirium (n) 1. Violent excitement or emotion; wild enthusiasm; frenzy ant. apathy 2. Mental disturbance characterized by delusions or hallucinations
Equilibrium (n) 1. balance between opposing weights or forces 2. Mental or emotional stability; poise
Millennium (n) period of a thousand years
Odium (n) disgrace and hatred to which one is subjected for doing something despicable; ignominy; opprobrium
Premium (n) 1. Something offered free as an inducement for buying; reward; prize 2.Sum in addition to the regular price or wages; bonus 3. Very high value
Sanitarium (n) 1. Health resort 2. Institution for the care and treatment of invalids and convalescents.
Solarium (n) Glass-enclosed room for sunbathing; sun-room
Tedium (n) Wearisome; Boredom; monotony
Compendious (n) Of or like a compendium; concise; succinct
Created by: clchristian
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