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Servient Estate in a easement going across your property to someone else's property, your property is know as the servient estate
Severance changing of real property to personal property. IE cutting down an Oak Tree which is cut into lumber...
Redlining done by lenders where they drew red lines on a map to isolate a part of a city. In those areas they would only provide mortgages or insurance at a higher rate or not at all.
Chattels personal property
Blockbusting a fair housing violation. A process where realtors were going into neighborhoods and encouraging owners to put their houses up for sale because people of a different race were moving into the neighborhood and would allegedly bring the property values down
ADA American Disabilities Act passed in 1990. Says that as long as it is economically feasible and readily achievable, alterations for disabled persons usage must be made.
Group Boycotting a form of anti
Police Power rules and regulations that the government has over property such as zoning or eminent domain.
Tie-in Agreements to buy this you have to purchase this, IE to purchase this house you must use this mortgage company...
Steering a fair housing violation where you direct people with a certain ethnicity or race to a certain neighborhood rather than showing them properties that meet their criteria in any part of the city
Dominant Estate in a easement going across your property to someone else's property, the other persons property, or the property that gets the benefit is the dominant estate
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