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Mrs. Eisenlord

Where all elements are listed Periodic Table
Smallest particle of an element atom
Center of an atom nucleus
Positively charged particles protons
Particles with no charge neutrons
Negatively charged particles located outside of the nucleus electrons
This is the same as the number of protons and electrons atomic number
Is the number of protons and neutrons added together atomic mass
Most elements fall under this category metals
Most elements are this phase at room temperature solid
Bromine and mercury are the only two of these on the Periodic Table liquids
O, Au and Na are all examples of this chemical symbols
Elements in a compound are chemically ___ bonded
Mixtures can always be physically separated
Compounds always have a chemical symbol with two or more capital letters
Atoms in this phase are tightly packed together solid
Atoms in this phase are loosely packed together and can flow past each other liquid
Atoms in this phase are spread out and fast moving gas
A liquid has no definite shape
A liquid has a definite volume
When multiple elements and compounds are physically mixed together mixture
Two elements that are chemically bonded compound
A gas has indefinite shape and volume
If a chemical symbol has more than one capital letter it must be a compound
When a gas turns into a liquid condensation
When a liquid turns into a solid freezing
When a solid turns into a liquid melting
When a liquid turns into a gas boiling
Which of these is an element: salt, oxygen or carbon dioxide oxygen
which of these is a mixture: water, silicon or sand sand
Which of these is a compound:water, carbon dioxide or baking soda all of them
Changes that do not create new substances and can be reversed physical changes
Changes that create new substances and can't be reversed chemical changes
The numbers in a chemical formula tell us the ratio
Symbol O oxygen
Symbol Na sodium
Symbol Nd neodymium
Symbol Fe iron
Symbol Au gold
Atomic number 7 nitrogen
Atomic number 19 potassium
Atomic number 74 tungsten
Atomic Number 22 titanium
Atomic number 28 nickel
Carbon's chemical symbol C
Platinum's chemical symbol Pt
Iron's chemical symbol Fe
Iodine's chemical symbol I
Sulfur's chemical symbol S
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