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RCH Vc Fall B 1-3

(verb) to stray from an established course, standard, or principle deviate
The road construction forced me to ________ [stray] from my usual route home. deviate
The math teacher ________ed [strayed] from the original topic of her lesson by taking a minute to talk to her students about hygiene. deviate
(noun) a limit that controls the way you can do something parameter
My parents have set strict ________s [limits] regarding what I am allowed to watch on TV. parameter
The ________s [limits] of a family’s income and budget determine how much they can spend. parameter
(verb) 1. to accept or admit the existence or truth of; 2. to recognize the fact, importance, or quality of acknowledge
It took a few centuries for people to finally ________ [accept] that the Earth revolves around the sun. acknowledge
During the award ceremony, the high school English teacher was ________ed [recognized] for her hard work and dedication. acknowledge
(adjective) unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; unavoidable; certain to happen inevitable
When he saw the F on his paper, he knew that summer school was ________ [unavoidable]. inevitable
She had known it was ________ [unavoidable] that her baby boy would grow up, but she still cried at his graduation ceremony because he had grown up so fast. inevitable
(noun) a choice; the power or right to choose option
In our school students have many special area or elective ________s [choices]. option
She had the ________ [choice] of getting a summer job or taking a vacation. option
(noun) 1. rank: the comparative position or standing of somebody or something in a society or other group; 2. condition: a condition that is subject to [likely to] change status
Some people believe the richer a person is, the higher ________ [rank] he/she has. status
A hospital reports the ________ [condition] of their patients telling how they are doing. This patient’s ________ [condition] is critical, or very serious. status
(verb) not to be harmed or affected by (something); survive; to stand against; to oppose successfully withstand
G-Shock watches are designed to ________ [survive] hard knocks and vibrations. withstand
The Golden Gate Bridge was built to ________ [survive] winds of more than 100 MPH and was designed to sway 27.7 feet to ________ [survive] earthquakes. withstand
(verb) to become known or apparent; to come out; to rise or appear from a hidden or unknown place or condition emerge
There is growing evidence that the economy is finally ________ing [coming out] from recession. emerge
We watched as the butterfly ________ed [came out] from its cocoon. emerge
(verb) to correspond; to happen at the same time; to agree or be the same coincide
The event ________s [corresponds] with his birthday party. coincide
They got along well because their viewpoints ________ed [agreed]. coincide
(verb) 1. to do what someone wants, often by providing them with something; 2. to fit; to have enough space somewhere for a number of things or people; 3. to provide someone with a place to live or stay accommodate
Our houseguest does not eat meat, and we were happy to ________ [provide for] her by cooking vegetarian meals. accommodate
To ________ [fit] the large class size, we will need more desks in this classroom. accommodate
Olympic Villages are capable of ________ing [housing] about 3,000 athletes. accommodate
(adjective) covering completely; in-depth, full comprehensive
She did a ________ [in-depth] study on the average water temperatures of the city’s river in the summertime. comprehensive
The state test will show the students’ ________ [complete] abilities in math and language arts. comprehensive
(verb) to change to fit a new situation adapt
Some homes must be ________ed [changed] to allow access for people with disabilities. adapt
Many animals ________ [change] their coloring to match their environment. adapt
(adjective) 1. adequately courteous and polite; 2. having to do with the lives and problems of citizens civil
Even though the candidates were on opposing sides, they were very ________ [polite] towards each other. civil
The ________ War got its name because it was between two groups of citizens of the same country. civil
(verb) to forbid (not allow) by law; to hinder (stop) or prevent something from happening prohibit
Smoking is ________ed [not allowed] in restaurants in Michigan. prohibit
During Prohibition (1919-1933) the use or sale of alcohol was ________ed [not allowed] in the United States. prohibit
(verb) to make a small change adjust
I had to ________ [change] my schedule when my teacher gave me additional homework. adjust
My body will have to make quite an ________ment [change] to adapt to the different time zone when I travel to China. adjust
Created by: Mrs. Turnbull



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