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GMU Organic Chemist

Organic Chemistry 2 Course

Ch22 What is a precursor of carbohydrates? A polyhydroxyaldehyde, a polyhydroxyketone
Ch22 What is the general formula of a carbohydrate CnH2nOn, where n varies from 3 to 8.
Ch22 Aldose a monosaccharide containing an aldehyde group.
Ch22 Ketose a monosaccharide containing a ketone group
Ch22 How are monnosaccharides classified? Carbon number. Triose has 3 carbons and so on
Ch22 What are the only trioses Glyceraldehyde (aldotriose) and Dihydroxyacetone (ketotriose)
Ch22 Describe D-Erythrose by Carbon # and hydroxyl location An aldotetrode, 4 carbons, both hydroxyl on right side.
Ch22 Describe D-Threose by Carbon # and hydroxyl location An Aldotetrose, OH closest to CHO is on left side, and the other is right
Ch22 Describe D-Ribose by Carbon # and hydroxyl location Aldopentose, closest to CHO, no OH. The remaining 2 OH's are on the right side
Ch22 Describe D-Glucose by Carbon # and hydroxyl location aldohexose, the OH Closest to the CHO is on the right side, the next on the left, and the remaining 2 on the right side
Ch22 Describe D-Galactose by Carbon # and hydroxyl location aldohexose, 1st OH on right, 2nd/3rd OH on left, and 4th OH on right
Ch22 Describe D-Fructose by Carbon # and hydroxyl location Ketohexose, 2nd carbon is a carbonyl, 3rd carbon OH on left, and 4th and 5th carbon OH on right
Ch22 Anomers : Carbohydrates that differ in configuration at their anomeric carbons named a and b
Ch22 How are haworth projections written? anomeric carbon on the right and the hemiacetal oxygen to the back right.
Ch22 pyran Six-membered hemiacetal rings
Ch22 furan Five-membered hemiacetal rings
Ch22 In what causes are Haworth projections are more accurate than chair Five-membered rings ex. Furanoses
Ch22 Name an example of a furanose Ribose
Ch22 In a furanose, what is the location of the CH2OH to the OH? Symetrically, right on the other carbon of the molecule
Ch22 What is more accurately represented as a chair? Pyranoses, ex: Glucopyranose
Ch22 What are 3 ways of depicting carbohyrates? Fischer Projection, Haworth Projection, Chair Conformation
Ch22 Mutarotation a or b form of a carbohydrate is converted to an equilibrium mixture
Ch22 Glycoside A carbohydrate in which the -OH of the anomeric carbon is replaced by -OR
Ch22 How are glycosides named? alkyl or aryl group bonded to oxygen followed by the name of the carbohydrate with the ending -e replaced by -ide. methyl -D-glucopyranoside
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