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nos ch789

The network load balancing method that assigns multiple IP addresses to a single host name is called DNS round robin
The application high availability method that uses redundant servers with only one activeat any time is called a failover cluster
The Windows Server 2008 feature that enables end users to store copies of server-baseddocuments on a local drive is called Offline Files
The servers in a network load balancing cluster continually exchange status messages called heartbeats
Windows Server 2008 servers can maintain multiple versions of a volume’s files using a feature called shadow copies
The process by which servers are automatically added to and removed from a network load balancing cluster is called convergence
A failover cluster stores its configuration database on a witness disk
The role service that enables disconnected Terminal Services clients to reconnect to thesame server is called TS session broker
The application high availability mechanism that uses redundant servers, with all runningsimultaneously, is called network load balancing
The Windows Server 2008 feature that enables a computer to verify an application before launching it is called Windows Installer 4.0
In addition to the application data, what is stored on a failover cluster’s shared storage the witness disk
Which of the following windowers server 08 features enable users to access files that have accidentally overwritten?
what server clustering solutions can make use of a storage area network? failover cluster
Which of the following RAID levels yields the largest percentrage of usable disk space
To use Shadow copies, you must enable the feature at which of the following levels? Volume level
How many heartbeat messages must a server in an NLB cluster miss before it is removed form the cluster?
What is not a requirement to use the the TS session broker role service? TS session broker role server must be installed on one of the terminal servers
WHat is true about DNS Round robin Load balancing?
What is the function of the port rules in an NLB cluster? Port rules specify what application traffic is to be distributed among the cluster servers
What operating system does not include the previous versions client needed to access shadow copies files?
Windows firewall enables you to create rules that call for the use of IPsec to encapsulate data packets within other packets. Process is called tunneling
process of granting users access to file server shares by reading their permissions is called authorization
combination of permissions assigned to a file, plus the permissions inherited from parent folders and group memeberships, is called the file's ______ permission effective permission
In the NTFS permission system, _____ permissions are actually combinations of _____ permissions standard , special
Kerberos is a _____ authentication method. centrailized
To use the windows firewall control panel to enable traffic for a specific application, you must create a _______ program exception
The users, computers and services to which you assign permissions are also known as Security principals
The hardware requirements for Bitlocker called for either a USB flash drive or a _________ Trusted platform module (TPM) chip
Advanced security settings dialog box displays a list of Access Control Entries (ACEs)
Software module on an Active Directory domain controller that is primarily responsible for implementing the Kerberos authentication protocol is called the Key Distribution Center (KDC)
What is a security Principal? network resource receiving permissions
Do Inherited permissions take precedence over explict permissions? NO
What biometric authentication mechanism is suitable for certification but not identification? Hand geometry
What is the filter criterion most commonly used in firewall rules? port numbers
What devices is BitLocker unable to use to store its volume encryption key floppy disk, system BIOS
What Group Policy settings prevent users from changing their passwords and then changing them immediately back again? Enforce password history
Is is possible to lock out a file or folder by assigning a combination of permissions that permits access to no one at all, including the owner of the file or folder. true or false. False
Data encrypted with the public key can be decrypted only with the private key. True or False? True
ACLs are composed of ACEs. True or False True
Standard permissions are composed of special permissions. T or F True
All permissions are stored as part of the protected resource. T or F True
The __________ authentication protocol stores user passwords in clear text PAP
The certificate revocation lists that a CA publishes daily are called __________ Delta CRLs
A Remote Access connection that uses the Internet for a network medium is called a __________ connection Virtual Private Network
__________ encapsulates PPP traffic using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol SSTP
__________ is a shell protocol that provides a framework for the use of various types of authentication mechanisms EAP
A set of rules that a CA uses to determine whether it should approve a certificate request,deny it, or mark it as pending for later review by an administrator, is called a __________. Policy Module
A(n) __________ CA can use Active Directory, but does not require it standalone
The first CA you create in your PKI must be a __________ CA. root
The default authentication protocol used by Remote Access on a Windows Server 2008computer is __________ MS-CHAPv2
10.To issue your own certificates, you must install a __________. Certification Authority
In which of the following scenarios would public key encryption keep a message sent from User A to User B private? User A encrypts a message with User B’s public key.
what is a feature unique to enterprise CAs? Certificate Autoenrollment
what tasks can you not perform on a version 1 certificate template? Change the expiration date of the template
Your organization’s security policy has a requirement that passwords not be stored with reversible encryption. Which of the following authentication protocols can you not use for Remote Access connections CHAP requires password to be stored with reverse encryption, PAP does not encrypt them at all
What CA types requires administrators to manually issue certificates? standalone
what VPN protocols uses IPsec for encryption? Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
What certificate enrollment methods can a client use to request a certificate from either an enterprise or a standalone CA? Web enrollment
what protocol negotiates the authentication method used by a client and a server while establishing a Remote Access connection? Point-to-Point Protocol
In a three-level PKI hierarchy, what CA types always receives its own certificate from the root CA? Intermediate CA
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