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Stack #124054

True/FalseMultiple ChoiceCompletionMatching
Notes, papers, and memos regarding patient information should be disposed of using a shredding device. True Confidential information includes evrything that is heard, read or seen regarding a patient. Hippocrates said, "What I may see or hear in the curse of treatment or even outside of the treatment in regard to the life of men, which on no account one must spread abroad, I will keep to myself holding such things shameful to be spoken about." The individual designated to help a provider remain in compliance by setting policies and procedures in place, train staff regarding HIPAA, and act as the contact peerson for questions and complaints is is known as the privacy officer or privacy official.
Confidentiality between the physician and the patient is automatically waived when the patient is being treated in a worker's compensation case. True Nonprivileged information about a patient consists of he patient's city of residence. The code for a nephrectomy with a total ureterectomy and bladder cuff, through different incisions, is 50236. A health care coverage carrier, clearinghouse, or physician who transmits health information in electronic form in connection with a transaction covered by HIPAA is called a covered entity.
To give, release, or transfer information to another entity is called consent. False When an insurance billing specialist bills for a physician and completes a Medicare claim form with information that does not reflect the true situation, he or she may be subject to fines and imprisonment. The code for ureteral endoscopy through an established ureterostomy with irrigation and the removal of a foreign body is 50961. The individual who renders medical services, furnishes bills, or is paid for health care in the normal course of business is a health care provider.
A cystourethroscope is passed through the urethra and bladder to view the urinary collecting system. True Electronic media refers to phone lines, (leased or dial-up), the Internet and transmissions that are physically moved from one location to another. The code for a complex cystometrogram is 51726. A clearinghouse is a third-party administrator who receives insurance claims from the physician's office, performs edits, and redistributes the claim electronically to various insurance carriers.
A common abbreviation for a transurethral electrosurgical resection of the prostate is TURP. True The Office of Civil Rights enforces privacy standards. The code for the fulguration of a urethral prolapse is 53275. A business associate is an individual who is hired by a medical practice to process claims to a third-party payer.
The insertion and removal of a temporary stent during diagnostic or therapeutic cystourethroscopic interventions is included in 52320-52355 and not reported separately. True The best response when telephoning a patient about an insurance matter and the patient's voicemail is reached is to use care in the choice of words when leaving the message. The code for a complete transurethral electrosurgical resection of the prostate is 52601. (blank)
(blank) The focus on the health care practice setting and reducing administrative costs and burdens are the goals of HIPAA Title II Administrative Simplification. The code for cystourethroscope with insertion of urethral stent is 52282. (blank)
(blank) The combining form for the triangular location in the bladder between the ureters' entrance and urethral outlet is trigon/o. The code for a urethral biopsy is 53200. (blank)
(blank) The parenchymal tissue in the urinary system is the kidney. The code for a cholecystectomy using a right subcostal incision for exploration of common duct, with choledochoenterostomy is 47612. (blank)
(blank) The plural of a term that refers to a cuplike division of the kidney pelvis is calyces. (blank) (blank)
(blank) A synonym for proteinuria is albuminuria. (blank) (blank)
(blank) A condition of excessive nitrogen compound in the blood is called azotemia. (blank) (blank)
(blank) The condition of sugar in the urine is glycosuria. (blank) (blank)
(blank) The term for the inability to hold urine is urinary incontinence. (blank) (blank)
(blank) High blood pressure caused by kidney disease is renal hypertension. (blank) (blank)
(blank) A urethral stenosis is the same as urethral stricture. (blank) (blank)
(blank) Bacteria in the urine may indicate UTI. (blank) (blank)
(blank) A sectional radiographic procedure of the kidney is called a nephrotomography. (blank) (blank)
(blank) A test of kidney function that compares the rate at which nitrogenous waste is removed from the blood by comparing its concentration in the blood and urine over a 24-hour period is called a creatinine clearance test. (blank) (blank)
(blank) A radiographic imaging of the kidneys and bladder with an intravenously injected contrast medium is called an IVU. (blank) (blank)
(blank) A radiographic image of the kidneys, ureters and bladder without a contrast medium is a KUB. (blank) (blank)
(blank) A radiologic imaging of the urinary bladder and urethra while the patient is urinating is a VCUG. (blank) (blank)
(blank) Taking a piece of tissue for microscopic study done through endoscopy or aspiration is called a closed biopsy. (blank) (blank)
(blank) A biopsy done through an incision is an open biopsy. (blank) (blank)
(blank) A tubelike device for supporting tubular structures is a stent. (blank) (blank)
(blank) Type of endoscope to visualize the peritoneal cavity is a laparoscope. (blank) (blank)
(blank) An instrument used to measure the specific gravity of urine is a urometer. (blank) (blank)
(blank) A hollow, flexible tube that can be inserted into a vessel, organ, or body cavity is a catheter. (blank) (blank)
(blank) Removal of a kidney stone is nephrolithotomy. (blank) (blank)
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