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CP: 2

Concepts in Electricity and Magnetisism

What are sounds caused by? Sounds are caused by vibrations
How does sound travel? In Waves
Do waves need a medium? Yes
Doppler effect Sound or light waves are pushed closer together in front of the source of the waves as the source moves. So the pitch of sound is higher in front and lower behind the moving vehicle producing the waves
Whats is static electricity? The buildup of electrons
In magnetism like poles do what? Repel
In magnetism different poles do what? Attract
Resonance Resonance is the amplification of the natural vibration of atoms due to energy such as sound or wind at the same frequency as the natural frequency of the vibration of the atoms. This is the science behind hoe opera singers shatter wine glasses.
What does sound travel fastest through? Sound travels fastest through a solid because the particles of the solid are closest together. Sound is also muffled most by traveling through a solid because quality is lost with each transfer from atom to atom.
Wave Method of energy transfer; a disturbance that repeats regularly in space and time
period the time in which a vibration is completed
Herts SI unit of frequency
Wave interference When two waves meet while traveling along the same medium
Transverse waves medium vibrates perpendicualar to the direction in which the wave is traveling; light and water
Longitudinal waves medium vibrates parallel to the direction in which the wave is traveling; sound is an example
Constructive interference Increases amplitude
destructive interference decreases amplitude
Pitch highness or lowness of a tone related to frequency
Infrasonic frequency too low to be heard by humans
ultrasonic frequency too high to be heard by humans
compression condensed region of the medium
Rarefraction sparse region of the medium
Resonance occurs when natural frequency is matched by some force like a sound wave
Electricity Flow of electrons
Conductor any material with free charges particles that easily flow through it when an electric force acts on them
Insulator lacks free charges particles that easily flow and therefore charge does not easily flow
Superconductor a material with zero resistance to the flow of electric charges
Semiconductor neither a good conductor or insulator in its pure form but with impurities can be turned into an excellent conductor or insulator. (Silicon and geranium) are good semi conductors
electrostatics study of electric charges at rest
open circuit there is a break in the and electrons cannot flow
closed circuit the electrons can flow
series circuit there is only one path for electrons to follow so if there is a break nothing will work
parallel circuit there are multiple paths so if one is broken the current can flow through a different path
Lodestone A natural magnet
Electromagnet a magnet that's field is produced by electric current; usually a coil of wire wrapped around a piece of iron
Electromagnetic waves waves in which the electrical field and the magnetic field are perpendicular to each other
Transparent Allows light to pass through it in straight lines. Glass air and water are all transparent
Opaque absorbs light rather than allows it to pass through. Metals, books, objects
Colors of visible light in order ROYGBIV
Amount of electromagnetic spectrum visible light makes up 1/1,000,000 of 1 percent
Reflection return of light rays from a surface
Refraction bending of light due to change in a medium
Diffraction bending of light as it encounters obstacles in its path. Bending of light not due to reflection or refraction
LASER Light, amplification, Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Ohms Law Voltage = current x resistance
Series circuit advantages simple, inexpensive
disadvantages of a series circuit there is only one path for electrons
Advantages of a parallel circuit multiple paths
disadvnatages of parallel circuit more expensive
Magnet domains Atoms form groups of magnetically aligned atoms called domains; aligned domains determine the strength of the magnet.
Electromagnetic spectrum All the types of electromagnetic waves- each type of wave has different wavelength and frequency
red + blue light magenta
Red + green light Yellow
Blue + green Cyan
Red + blue + green White
Created by: schlosser65
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