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29.1- 29.2

Amber brasket basics of checking Accounts

Check written order directing a bank to pay money on demand to the person or company named on it
Direct deposit electronic transfer of a payment directly from the payer's bank account to the account of the person being paid
interest-bearing account account that pays earns interest on the balance for the depositor
signature card a record of a bank customers signature used by the bank to verify the customers identity
overdrawn having written checks for more money than the balance in the account
overdraft protection a line of credit for overdrawn checks
stop payment an order for a bank not to cash Particular check
debit card Bank card that immediately takes money from a checking account when it is used
check register Checkbook log in which an account holder records checking account transactions
endorsement Signature of the payee on the back of the check
bank statement the banks record of all the transactions in a bank account
canceled checks Checks that have been cashed
bank reconciliation process of seeing whether an account holders records agree with a banks records for an agreement
outstanding checks Checks that have been written but have not yet been cashed
demand* an urgent request
common* shared by two or more parties
compare* to examine and note the similarities or difference of
designed* to devise for a specific function or end
route* An established or selected course, travel, or action
traces* discover signs, evidence, or remains of
valid* having legal efficiency of force
alteration* the act of making something different
Payee Party to whom the check is written, or who is cashing check
Drawee the financial institution where the drawer has an account
drawer party who wrote the check and is paying the money, or drawing it from an account
Created by: Amber_Brasket
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