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我是學生。 I am a student.
他是我的好朋友。 He is my good friend.
你今天有功課嗎? Do you have homework?
我今天沒有功課。 I do not have homework Today, .
你有紅筆嗎? Do you have a red pen?
我沒有紅筆。 I do not have a red pen.
雪人怎麼不見了? Why Snowman is gone?
弟弟的玩具不見了。 Brother's toys were gone.
我的外套不見了。 My jacket was gone.
他正在做什麼? What is he doing?
他正在看書。 He is reading a book.
我和你是好朋友。 You and I are good friends.
我吃了玉米和草莓。 I eat corn and strawberries.
弟弟在玩足球。 younger brother is playing football.
你在做什麼? What are you doing?
我想去公園玩。 I want to go to the park to play.
我想去中中家玩。 I want to play at zhouzhou's home.
我想去放風箏。 I want to go fly a kite.
我有哥哥,也有姊姊。 I have a big brother and a big sister.
弟弟吃了很多花生米。 The younger brother ate a lot of peanuts.
今天的功課很少。 Homework is little today.
你有多少玩具? How many toys do you have?
你早!老師早!小朋友早! Good Morning! Teacher ! Children !
我愛爸爸,我也愛媽媽。 I love my father, also I love my mother.
我天天去上學。 I go to school every day.
中中天天早起。 zhouzhou wakes up early every day.
Created by: angiekuo