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FTCE Math 5-9 Pract

FTCE Math 5-9 Practice Questions

x^2-2x+4=0 How many and what type of roots? No real roots
14mL = ______ Liters .014
If a club had 12 members, in how many ways can a presidents, vice president, and secretary be chosen? 1320
centi- = ___________ .01 hundredths
What are whole numbers? The natural counting numbers along with zero
Which property is illustrated? 2x(-45y) =-45y(2x) Community property of multiplication
milli- = ___________ .001 thousandths
What are real numbers? Rational and irrational numbers
What are irrational numbers? Any number that cannot be expressed as a ratio such as pi, sqrt 2, sqrt 3, sqrt 99.
What is a rational expression? Give 3 examples. 9/4, 3x^2+5x/y+3, 9y/10z
Find the product and leave as exponential expression. (-4)^6 x (-4)^9 (-4)^15
Add √3 + √3 2√3
√7 x √7 7
What do whole numbers consist of? The natural counting numbers and zero
hecto= 100
25 degrees C = _______ degrees F 77
6x^3y + 8x^2 - 4xy 2xy(3x^2 + 4x -2)
Find the slope, x-inctp, y- intcp x-2y=14 Slope= 1/2 x-intcp = (14,0) y-intcp = (0,-7)
Counting numbers along with zero are known as ______ ________. Whole numbers
What is the percent increase or decrease? 34.24 to 32.00 34.24-32.00=2.24 n(32)=2.24 n=0.07 7% decrease
Jon's test scores were: 84, 89, 92. He needs a 90% in the class. What is the lowest score he can get on the next test? 90=84+89+92+x / 4 (Multi each side by 4 to clear) (4x90)=(84+89+92+x times 4) 360=265x x=95
Name which sets of numbers -49/7 belongs to: real, irrational, integer, whole, irrational real, rational, integer
write 5^-8 using a negative exponent 1/5^-8
Name all the sets to which -√17 belongs to real, rational, irrational, integer, whole real, rational, integer, whole
Name all the sets to which 4/5 belongs to: real, rational, irrational, integer, whole real, rational
The purse was originally $20. It is now $30. What is the percent of change? Change/original 10/20 50%
What % of 70 is 89? Round to the nearest hundredth. 127.14
What property does this illustrate? 10x+12y = 12y +10x Community property of addition
27^-2/3 27^-2/3 --> 1/27^2/3 --> 1/(3√27)^2 --> 1/(3√729) --> 1/9
You estimate your school is 59 feet tall. It is 68 feet tall. Find the percent of error. (estimated value - actual value)/(actual value) (59-65) / 59 -9/59 --> .1525 = 15%
Express 9/500 as a percent. 1.8%
What percent of 1.4 is 0.7% 50%
(y^3-2y^2-y+2) / (y-2) y^2-1
Created by: dcooney