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Spanish for Chatting

Advanced vocabulary and expressions for Spanish conversation

estar de baja to be on sick leave
echar un vistazo to take a look
estar en forma to be fit
ponerse en forma to get fit
basta con adelgazar it's enough to lose weight
ponerse a régimen to go on a diet
tiene buena pinta it looks good
estoy en ello I'm working on it
estoy dudando entre A y B I can't make up my mind between A and B
no tengo más remedio I don't have a choice
como Dios manda the way it's meant to be
un vestido de marca designer dress
una prenda an item of clothing
el probador changing room
es un timo it's a rip-off
no me extraña it doesn't surprise me
no llevar nada encima to not have any money on you
no puedo más I've had it!
agobiado overwhelmed, exhausted
una racha a period of time
una ganga a bargain
aprovechar to take advantage of
las horas de luz daylight hours
era un decir don't take it the wrong way
corriendo right away, immediately
meterse con alguién to criticize someone
cabrón bastard
de (adjective) no tiene nada it's not (adjective) at all
menos mal thank God
mono cute, pretty
llamativo flashy, attention-seeking
chulo cool, cute
pasarlo bomba to have a brilliant time
me caes bién I like you
me caes genial I really like you
una aventura an affair
no me va it's not my style
va en serio it's serious, it's real
de eso nada are you kidding! No way!
un petardo a bore, a pain in the butt
me cae fatal I really dislike him/her
me saca de quicio he/she drives me up the wall
culto educated, well-read
educativo polite, well-mannered
me hace gracia I like him/her
tener mal genio to have a bad temper
dar repelús to give the creeps
hace falta one needs/we need
por lo visto apparently
ni hablar no way!
el aire libre the outdoors
el sol pega fuerte the sun's really strong
cuesta arriba uphill
cuesta abajo downhill
Created by: marcoporres
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