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Kurtulus Oztopc 26

vocab ch 26

asla never, by no means
boyamak (i) to paint, dye, color
değerli valuable
denemek (i) to try, test, examine
dikkat etmek- (a) to be careful, pay attention
dövmek (i) to beat, strike
elbette certainly, surely
fakat but, hoewever
hak justice, right
hareket movement, act, deed
hemen hemen almost, nearly
her biri each one, every one
hırsız thief, burglar, robber
itiraz objection
kimi some
köylü villager
leke stain, spot
öldürmek (i) to kill
paylaşmak (i) to share
satır line of writing
sıkmak (/i) to press, squeeze
şüphe doubt, suspicion
yakalamak (i) to catch
yani that is to say, I mean
yenmek to be eaten
yıkanmak to be washed, bathed, to wash one's self
zaten anyway
zayıflamak to lose weight, get thin
artmak to increase, remain, left over
aşik olmak to fall in love
ayıp shame
başarmak (i) to succeed in, accomplish
bayılmak (-/a) to faint, like greatly (get bored)
gişe pay desk, ticket window
hareket etmek to act, behave, to depart, set out
ıslak wet
kimlik id card
kullanılmış used, second hand
ödünç vermek (i) loan, lend
ölçmek- (I) to measure, check
ölçü measurement
ölüm death
öteki the other
sebep reason, cause
utanmak (-/dan) to be/feel ashamed.
akmak to flow, run, leak
alıştırma exercise (workbook)
anlaşmak (la) to get along, to come to an agreement
ayırmak (dan/i) to sever, separate, to select
bayrak flag
bile even, already
birlik unity, union
değişmek to change
devir period, era
kaçmak (dan) to escape from
koparmak (i) to break off
mesaj message
pil battery
resim çekmek kopegin resmi to take a picture of
yazılım software
uzman expert
yaşam life, living
husus factor, point
dengli balanced
yormak to tire
miktar amount
harcamak to spend
artırmak to increase
düşük low
besin nourishment
içermek to contain
tüketmek to consume
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