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CHM105 Mehta

propane Alkane that is used for fuel
propene alkene used to make polypropylene used in plastics
ethyne an alkyne used as fuel in a welder's torch
chlororethene halide used to make PVC
pentenal an aldehyde used to make flavorings
propanone ketone used as a paint thinner
ethanol an alchohol used in alcoholic beverages
propanoic acid an acid used as a food preservative
methanamide an amide used as a resin solvent
pentylamine used to make dyes
methyl ethanoate an ester ised as a solvent
benzene an aromatic used in fuel
arrhenius acid a substance that dissociates in water to give H
arrhenius base as substance that dissociates in water to give OH
conjugate acid a species that is formed when a base accepts a proton
conjugate base a species that is formed when an acid donates a proton
amphiprotic molecule a substance that can act as a base or a acid
acidosis a condition when excess CO2 is not exhaled from the lungs causing the pH in the blood to drop and cause medical problems, even death
alkalosis a condition when lower than normal CO2 makes the blood more basic causing hyperventilation or respiratory alkalosis
>70% strong acid/base
<30% weak acid/base
between 30 and 70 moderate acid/base
buffer a soltuion that resists changes in pH upon addition of acid or base.
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