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h.i.t ch14

health insurance today ch14

Creating a good patient-staff relationship begins Patient telephones for an appointment
Healthcare staff can find out what their parents expections are by asking questions
Services offered by a medical facility cannot be felt or seen, which means they are intangible
Most physicians prefer to leave the subject of fees up to their reception staff
Data that are explicitly linked to a particular individual (including data items that reasonably could be expected to allow individual identification) are referred to as Protected health information and individually identifiable health information
An arrangement by which a patient request that his or her health insurance benefit payments be made directly to a physician or hospital is called assignment benefits
Although healthcare practitioners are dedicated to the health and well-being of their patients, their ultimate goal is making a profit
The total amount of fees collected divided by the total amount charged provides the practice with collection ratio
Patient's name, age, address, telephone number, social security number, and employer information are generally reffered to as demographics
When a medical facility uses patient billing software, it is crucial Input data correctly
Most medical offices send out statements periodically, which is referred to as a billing cycle
Patients who have inadequate health insurance coverage or no insurance at all are called self-pay patients
When no insurance is listed on a patient information form, the health insurance professional should inquire as to why no insurance is listed
An installment payment plan of more than four payments falls under the federal truth in lending act of 1968, regulation z
The act that deals primarily with credit reports issued by credit reporting agencies is called the fair credit reporting act
An organizaation that obtains or arranges for payment of the money owed to a third party is referred to as a collection agency
The process available to individuals or businesses to recover legitimate debts without using expensive legal advisors is known as small claims litigation
In small claims suit, the party initiating the action is referred to as the Plaintiff
The party being sued is the defendant
Experts predict that over the next 30 years, the number of Americans older than 65 will decrease by about 20%
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