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health insurance today ch 1

Insurance financial protection against loss or harm
Illnesses and Injuries health insurance narrows down "undesired events"
Preventive medicine keeping a person well or catching and treating an emerging illness in its early stages
England beginnings of modern health insurance occurred in 1850
Community rating Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans traditionally established premiums wherein everybody in the community paid the same premium
Metamorphosis profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism is referred to scientifically as
1970's HMOs were firsted recognized in the United States
Fee-for service and Indemnity insurance insurance that provides comprehensive major medical benefits and allows insured individuals to choose any provider when seeking medical care
Group insurance plan individuals employed full-time (or for a specific number of hours per week) are eligible for
Preexisting conditions When certain illinesses or injuries exist before the effective date of an insurance policy and are not covered by the policy, these conditions
High-risk pool insurance company thinks an applicant presents too much of a risk
HIPAA To get around the problem of individuals with preexisting conditions being afraid to change jobs for the fear of losing healthcare coverage
"Graying of America", advances in medical technology, demand for healthcare experts believe that increasing healthcare cost are due to
Managed healthcare any health plan that attempts to control or coordinate the use of healthcare to contain expenditures, improve quality
Created by: momangulo
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