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Basic Vocab 500words

Basic Vocabulary 500 words

Abandon - A good friend will not abandon you when you need help. to leave without intending to return, desert
abbreviate - The students learned how to abbreviate the names of the states. to shorten-to make shorter by leaving out certain points or letters
abdomen - Mary had a pain in her abdomen from eating too much candy. The part of an animal's body that contains its digestive and reproductive organs.
abduct - The man tried to abduct the child, but she screamed and got away. To take against one's will, usually by force.
abolish - Most people would support a plan to abolish weapons of mass destruction. To stop a particular thing from ever happening again, such as slavery.
absence - Her absence from school was due to her illness. To be away from someone or away from a place.
absorb - We depend on plants and trees to absorb carbon dioxide. To take in; to soak up.
academy - I studied dance at the North Pointe Academy. Usually a private learning institution or a school for instruction in some special subject.
accuracy - You must always complete your math work with accuracy. The quality of being exactly right or correct.
acoustic - Aerospace engineers work on new acoustic technologies. The properties of an enclosed space that affect sound quality.
acrobat - The acrobat fell off the trapeze and landed in the net. A person who shows balance, strength, and body control in acts on a tightrope or a trapeze.
actor - The famous actor did not sign autographs after the show. A person who plays the role of a character.
addition - Subtraction is harder to do than addition. calculating the sum of two or more numbers.
adjacent - The kitchen is adjacent to the family room. Having a common boundary or edge; touching.
advice - She is following the doctor's advice to improve her health. Ideas or suggestions offered to help someone with a problem or situation.
against - Joseph left the shovel leaning against the fence. to oppose or disagree with; to come into contact with an object.
agenda - I need to use my agenda everyday. a plan of things to be considered or done
ahead - James was ahead in the race. 1.before, in front 2.forward; toward a further time or position Trouble lies ahead.
alcohol - Drugs and alcohol can have a bad effect on the body. a drug found in beer, wine, and other kinds of liquor
alert - The lost campers used a fire to alert any possible rescuers. Listening and watching very carefully.
alien - A person without a visa in a foreign country is an alien. 1. a citizen of another country 2. A creature from another planet.
amount - A significant amount of rain fell yesterday. a quantity or number of something
angry - Sean liked to punch his pillow when he got angry. To get upset with someone and show strong feeling; to get mad at someone.
annual - This is the Fourth annual Spelling Bee! Something that happens once a year.
answer - Raise your hand if you know the answer. Something written, said, or done in reply; Solution to a problem.
apron - My mom wears an apron when she cooks. A garment of cloth, leather or plastic that is tied about the waist and worn to protect your clothing.
archive - Every student has an archive in the main office of the school. A collection of important records about a place, person, or organization.
argue - It is more fun to agree with someone than to argue. To disagree with someone and to speak angrily with them as a result.
atmosphere - Pollution is being released into our atmosphere every day. The mixture of gases that surrounds a planet.
author - The author wrote a surprise ending for her novel. a person who writes books, reports, or papers
avenue - The address of the White House is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. An unusually wide street or road.
avocado - We used an avocado to make guacamole dip. A pear-shaped tropical fruit with green or blackish skin and yellowish pulp enclosing a single large seed.
avoid - The Titanic could not alter its course in time to avoid the iceberg. Stay clear from; keep away from; keep out of the way of someone or something.
award - I won an award for having perfect attendance. A gift or prize that is given to someone, usually for achieving something.
aware - We are well aware of the classroom rules. Being concious or mindful of something.
bacteria - We looked at bacteria under a microscope. These things are all around us, but we cannot see them. Some of these are helpful and help your body digest food. However, many of these are harmful.
banister - It was fun to slide down the banister. A railing at the side of a staircase or balcony to prevent people from falling.
basic - Everyone has the right to their basic needs. The simplest form and/or the beginning of something
battery - Dad had to buy a new battery for our car. A portable cell that provides electrical power. These can be used to power portable devices, such as a radio.
battle - We saw the Army practicing for a battle. A fight against someone or something.
beast - They read a story about a beautiful girl and a beast. A cruel or savage person or animal.
benefit - We can benefit from the lessons we learned in school. Something useful, helpful or good; sometimes as part of a job contract.
beverage - Coffee is a very popular breakfast beverage. Any liquid suitable for drinking.
board - The students copied the words from the board. The large rectangular object in the front of the room on which we enjoy writing and drawing.
bombard - The paparazzi bombard the actress everywhere she goes. to attack physically or verbally without stopping
borrow - May I borrow your book, Samuel? to take or receive something with the promise of returning it.
bouquet - Dad sent mom a bouquet of flowers. An arrangement of flowers usually given as a gift.
bravery - The police commended the boy on his bravery. A quality of spirit that enables you to face danger of pain without showing fear.
brief - Our professor is known for his brief quizzes. short amount of time or amount of words
cactus - Cactus plants do not blossom very often. A spiny plant that grows in the desert.
cafeteria - Please do not talk loudly in the cafeteria. The room in your school where you may go to eat lunch. They may also serve food here.
calculator - We used a calculator to add up our purchases. A small machine with little buttons that is used for doing math quickly.
calm - The Pacific Ocean was so-named because it seemed to be so calm and peaceful. Not excited or nervous; quiet
campaign - William McKinley was the first candidate to use campaign buttons. an organized set of activities performed to win an election
cavity - A cavity is a hole in a tooth that a dentist fills. A small hole; a hollow.
ceiling - Dad is trying to fix the crack in the ceiling. The overhead surface of a room.
cemetery - President Kennedy was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. A place where the dead are buried.
census - A census is conducted to count U.S. citizens every 10 years. a government count of the population of a country
central - Many people from Central and South America have come to California. Used in the description of a place that is in the middle of another place.
challenge - The new spelling words are a challenge. A demanding or stimulating situation.
charge - The students charge to the buses during dismissal. Move quickly and violently.
chase - My dog likes to chase a ball. To run after something.
cheat - No one likes to play games with someone who likes to cheat all the time. To do something that is not fair during a game or a test.
chimney - You should have a chimney cleaned once a year. The pathway that smoke is carried from a fire through a wall to the outside of the building
clothing - Most clothing is machine washable. clothes; garments worn to cover the body
collar - The dog's collar was missing. The part of a shirt that goes around your neck.
committee - An agreement was reached by the students on the Senior Dance committee. A special group delegated to consider some matter.
competition - The swimming team won first place in the competition and received a trophy. An occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants.
courteous - The courteous boy gave his seat on the bus to an elderly man with a cane. Characterized by courtesy and gracious good manners.
crawl - We watched the turtle slowly crawl across the road. To move slowly on the ground using your hands and knees.
creation - James won first place with his beautiful butterfly garden creation. The act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new.
crowd - The boisterous crowd at the concert was jumping up and down and dancing. A large number of things or people gathered together in the same place.
cycle - The rock cycle takes many years. A periodically repeated sequence of events.
daughter - The boss's daughter worked in the office over the summer. A female human offspring.
dawn - The rooster crows at the crack of dawn. The start of the day when the Sun is just starting to rise.
deaf - Some deaf people use their hands to communicate. Someone who cannot hear or has great trouble hearing.
decide - The football players huddled together to decide their next play. to make a choice between two or more things
defy - It is not wise to defy your parents when they ask you to do something. to go against authority or rules.
diaper - The disposable diaper was a wonderful invention. Garment consisting of a folded cloth drawn up between the legs and fastened at the waist; worn by infants to catch excrement.
disappear - The magician made the rabbit disappear. To go out of sight so that you are no longer seen.
disguise - A lot of actors wear a disguise so that fans will not stop them on the street. Something that changes your looks so that other people will not know who you are.
dishonest - A liar is a dishonest person. Lacking honesty and truthfulness.
dormant - Volcanoes are described as active, dormant, or extinct. Not active but capable of becoming active.
dusk - The farmer worked in the fields from dawn to dusk. Late in the day when it begins to get dark outside.
earthquake - They had to reconstruct their home after the earthquake. 1. A sudden shift or movement of the earth's crust. These often occur along faults. 2. a shaking of the ground caused by the sudden release of energy in Earth's crust.
ebony - The dark ebony marble on the floor was expensive. A very dark black.
education - A college education enables a person to get a better job. The gradual process of acquiring knowledge.
eight - Doctors say that people should drink eight glasses of water a day. The cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one.
electricity - Benjamin Franklin is credited with "inventing" electricity. This is the energy that runs your TV and computer!
emergency - An emergency might deplete the supply of blood at the hospital. A sudden or dangerous situation that must be dealt with quickly.
empty - The bottle of apple juice was almost empty. Make vacant or empty of contents, having nothing inside.
enough - Brian began to yawn because he didn't get enough sleep last night. An adequate quantity; a quantity that is large enough to achieve a purpose.
entertain - The author's purpose was to entertain the reader. To amuse people or provide a pleasant way to pass time.
enzyme - Tears contain an enzyme that breaks down the cell wall of many bacteria. A chemical substance that helps digest food.
equal - All angles and sides of a square are equal. Well matched; having the same quantity, value, or measure as another.
esophagus - The esophagus is part of the human body's digestive system. This is a tube made of muscles that allows food to move from the mouth to the stomach.
everything - I throw everything in the closet when I clean my room. All things included in a group.
excuse - Do you have an excuse for being late to my class? Serve as a reason, cause or justification of something.
exhale - Humans exhale carbon dioxide in the process of respiration. to breathe out
experiment - I used an aquarium for my water experiment. To conduct a test or an investigation.
famine - People can starve to death during a famine. A widespread and longlasting shortage of food that may cause starvation.
famous - The Egyptians are famous for building the Pyramids. Someone or something that is well-known by lots of people.
faucet - We called a plumber to fix our leaky faucet. A device that controls the flow of a liquid from a sink, tub, or spigot.
fauna - When I walked in the rain forest, I spotted many interesting fauna. All the animal life in a particular region.
fraction - The fraction told us how much of the pie was eaten. A small part or item forming a piece of a whole.
fragile - Those dishes are very fragile and will break easily. Lacking solidity or strength, delicate.
fuel - Gasoline is one type of fuel. Something that can be burned to provide heat or power.
function - The function of a knife is to cut. Serve a purpose, role, or duty.
furniture - We decided to rearrange our furniture. Large items in a room used for resting or doing work. This includes chairs, beds, tables, desks, and sofas.
genius - The teachers thought the clever child was a genius. Someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality.
glacier - The sailor tried to steer the ship away from the glacier. A large mass of ice that moves very slowly through a valley or down a mountain.
graph - I will organize the information by using a graph. A kind of diagram with lines, bars, or curves that show how certain facts or numbers relate to each other.
grateful - We are grateful for your help on this project. Feeling thankful towards someone because they have done something nice for you.
gravity - Some planets do not have gravity. 1. The force by which a planet or other body tends to draw objects toward its center. 2. A force that pulls objects towards each other.
growl - The dog started to growl when we got too close. A low, deep, angry sound, as the one made by a dog.
guess - Can you guess how many beans are in the jar? To make an estimate or to try to answer some question without knowing the answer.
guest - The friendly host greeted each guest with a smile. Someone who is invited(asked to go) to a place.
guilty - Charles felt guilty after teasing his sister about her new hair cut. Feeling badly for having done something wrong.
haiku - The poem was written using the structure of a haiku. Japanese poetry that is always about nature and its pattern is 5 syllables,7 syllables and 5 syllables.
handkerchief - He used a red handkerchief to wipe the sweat off his forehead. a small piece of cloth used for wiping the face, nose or mouth
hazard - Careless drivers are a hazard to everyone else on the road. something that creates a dangerous situation or risk of harm.
health - Vitamins and minerals are beneficial for good health. The general condition of body and mind.
height - The nurse will measure everyone's height today. a measurement of how high something is
helmet - Bike riders should always be outfitted with a helmet for safety. a hard hat that protects your head when riding a bike or playing other sports.
herbivore - A rabbit is an herbivore and loves to eat carrots. Animals that feed exclusively on plants. Giraffes are such animals.
hollow - Chocolate Easter bunnies are usually hollow inside. Something that has empty space or air inside of it.
humane - Mother Theresa was a very humane person. Showing compassion, concern or consideration of others.
identical - Our sweaters are identical. Exactly alike, the same or equal.
igloo - I do not think I would want to live in an igloo. A small, rounded arctic house made of blocks of hard snow.
ignore - If someone bothers you, try to ignore him or her. Fail to notice.
impact - The book had an emotional impact on the people who read it. Have an effect upon. Influence strongly.
impolite - It is impolite to interupt while others are talking. Not polite.
inch - Dean is one inch taller than Jacob. A unit of measurement. Twelve of these is equal to one foot.
include - My hobbies include gardening, bike riding, and reading. to add something or someone into a group.
insect - The insect crawled into the hole. A group of small animals that have six legs and a body that is divided into three sections. Bees, ants, beetles, butterflies, ladybugs, and crickets are all examples of this animal group.
invention - The invention of the telescope has revolutionized the way we see the stars. A creation (a new device or process) resulting from study and experimentation.
island - Hawaii is a very famous and beautiful island. a body of land surrounded on all sides by water.
issue - The senator changed his mind on the issue. An important matter to be handled or discussed.
ivory - Terry wore an ivory dress at her wedding. a shade of the color white; a hard white substance
jaguar - He saw a jaguar running into the trees. A wild cat with brownish-yellow fur and black spots, similar to a leopard.
janitor - The janitor has a bucket of water and soap. Someone employed to clean and maintain a building.
jealous - Everyone was jealous of Jessica's new shoes. feeling unhappy because of what someone else has; wanting what someone has
jewelry - I keep my jewelry in a box on a table in my room. An adornment (as a bracelet or ring or necklace) made of precious metals and set with gems (or imitation gems).
journal - Please write 15 positive sentences in your journal. writing that expresses an author's feelings or first impressions about a subject.
jumble - The notes in his binder were all jumbled together. to be assembled without order or sense.
jury - The county clerk had to find people to serve on a jury. a group of citizens who hear evidence and decide the guilt or innocence of an accused party
justice - In our country we believe in justice for all people. The idea of being fair or right.
kayak - I tipped over in my kayak. light canoe used for leisure or sport on rivers, lakes, or sea
ketchup - I put pickles, mayonnaise, and ketchup on my hamburger. Thick spicy sauce made from tomatoes.
khaki - Old Navy is having a sale on khaki cargo pants. A green beige color of clothing seen in military or casual wear.
kilometer - A kilometer is shorter than a mile. A metric unit of length equal to 1000 meters (or 0.621371 miles).
kindness - His popularity is the result of his kindness to others. The quality of being warm-hearted, considerate, humane, and sympathetic.
kinetic - An object that is moving is said to have kinetic energy. The energy of a moving body.
kitchen - Cody and his father put black and white tiles in the kitchen. A room where food is stored and meals are prepared. You may have a stove, an oven, and a refrigerator in this room.
knit - My grandmother likes to knit blankets. To make clothes or blankets by using yarn and long needles.
knob - A door knob is an example of a wheel and axle. A round handle found on a door or a drawer.
koala - The koala bear is known for its love of eucalyptus leaves. An Australian marsupial that resembles a small bear and has gray fur, a round face, and large ears.
lagoon - The water in the lagoon was very calm. A shallow body of seawater located along a coast surrounded by a narrow strip of land. Past this narrow strip of land is the ocean.
language - Some deaf people use sign language to communicate. Human speech, spoken or written. The particular speech of a large group of people.
latitude - Latitude lines run east and west on a map. Distance on the Earth's surface as measured by degrees north or south from the equator.
launch - The airline will launch its new transatlantic service next month. Take off or begin.
lawn - David mowed the lawn and trimmed the hedges yesterday. An area of grass grown in the front or back of your home.
lawyer - My lawyer has a small practice in downtown Chicago. A professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice.
league - Many teams belong to the National Football League. a number of persons, groups, nations joined together for some purpose
leisure - My leisure time includes reading books, and listening to music. time free from work or duties
leopard - The class saw a beautiful leopard at the zoo. A wild cat that lives in Africa and Asia. This mammal usually has black dots on its coat.
lettuce - I had a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich for lunch today. A plant with large green leaves that is popular in salads.
library - You should whisper in a library so people can read without disruptions. A place where books are kept for people to borrow.
liquid - The sponge will absorb all of the liquid. A state of matter that has no fixed shape but that has a definite volume.
literature - We studied literature in English class. The books, poetry, stories and plays written by people to share ideas.
litter - Do not throw litter in the ocean. Small garbage, such as little pieces of paper, thrown about carelessly.
longitude - Look on the map to find the longitude. imaginary lines on the globe that run north and south
lousy - Sue said that she felt lousy. very painful or unpleasant; inferior or worthless
luggage - We had the hotel porter take our luggage up to our room. A bag or suitcase that is used to store and carry things while traveling.
lullaby - The mother sang a lullaby to put her baby to sleep. A quiet song intended to lull a child to sleep.
lunar - Last night we watched a lunar eclipse. Of or relating to or associated with the moon.
machine - My mother uses her sewing machine every day. A piece of equipment that can do a particular job.
magnet - A magnet can pick up paper clips. An object that attracts iron and steel.
magnificent - The Grand Canyon is a magnificent place to visit. Beautiful in a grand or stately way.
magnitude - The great magnitude of the whale shocked the divers. greatness, especially in size or extent
majesty - The explorers quietly viewed the majesty of the mountains. the combined qualities of greatness, beauty, and dignity
majority - The majority of the students voted for Paul. More than half; the greater in number of two parts
malaria - Many people died from malaria when the Panama Canal was being built. A disease transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito marked by chills and fever.
mammal - The blue whale is the largest aquatic mammal in the world, but it is also the largest mammal of any kind! Vertebrate animals that have hair and nourish their young with milk. Humans are such animals.
mandatory - Your attendance during this four-day workshop is mandatory. required; something a person has to do
mandible - His mandible was broken in the bicycle accident. The lower jawbone that is used to open the mouth.
manicure - Does she manicure her nails often? Professional care for the hands and fingernails.
mantle - The mantle of the earth is next to the core. The thickest layer of Earth. This layer is below the crust.
manure - Cow manure is often used to help plants grow. Animal waste used to fertilize land.
marmalade - I love orange marmalade with biscuits for breakfast. A preserve made of the pulp and rind of citrus fruits.
marvelous - Everyone had a marvelous time at the party. Causing wonder or amazement; outstanding; excellent
matriarch - The matriarch of our family is going to be 100 years old in August. The female leader or head of a group, family, or organization.
mattress - I slept on an air mattress during the camping trip. The thick, soft pad that is a part of a bed.
mature - A kitten becomes a cat when it is mature. Having reached full natural growth or development.
mayonnaise - I put pickles, mayonnaise, and ketchup on my hamburger. A sandwich spread made of Egg yolks, oil and vinegar.
mayor - The volunteers received a citation from the mayor for their good deeds. The person who is the elected leader in a city.
measure - Danielle used a ruler to measure the top of her desk. To find out the size, weight, and capacity of something.
mechanic - The mechanic is fixing the motor in my mom's car. Someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining automobiles and other machines.
mellow - At times the organ music sounds mellow, sweet, or nostalgic. Unhurried and relaxed.
memorable - The wedding was a memorable occasion. Worth remembering.
metamorphosis - A caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis to become a beautiful butterfly. A striking change in appearance, character or circumstances.
metaphor - To say that 'the girl showered her rabbit with love' is a metaphor. A comparison in which one thing is said to be another.
meteor - A meteor is sometimes called a shooting star. A fragment of solid matter that enters the earth's atmosphere and burns, leaving a bright streak in the sky.
microphone - We couldn't hear the speaker without a microphone. A device for picking up sounds and making them louder.
microscope - A microscope is a visual aid that enables scientists to study bacteria. An optical instrument that magnifies the image of small objects.
military - Military service is voluntary. The entire body of people whose job is to protect a country or prepare for war.
miniature - Jason and Daniel play miniature golf every month. Something that is made to look like something else, but that is much smaller.
minority - The Irish people were a minority when they first came to America. A group that is less than half.
mischief - Bart Simpson always makes trouble and mischief. Reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others.
misery - I felt only misery when my dad told me we were moving. A feeling of intense unhappiness.
missile - The first missile launched in the attack was successful. A weapon that is thrown or projected.
modern - With the modern day use of internet and telephone, telegraphs are becoming obsolete. Characteristic of present-day art and music and literature and architecture.
moisture - The moisture on the grass made my shoes wet. Water vapor content that is in the air.
molecule - There are two atoms of hydrogen in a molecule of water. the simplest structural unit of an element or compound.
monarchy - The government of Jordan is a constitutional monarchy. A system of government ruled by a royal family.
monopoly - The telephone company used to have a monopoly on telephone service. Exclusive control or possession of something.
mosquito - The mosquito invasion made the camping trip a little uncomfortable. This insect belongs to the fly family. It spreads diseases, such as malaria, when it sucks blood on our skin.
muffin - I like to put butter on my blueberry muffin. A sweet little cake baked in a cup-shaped pan.
multiply - In order to find the area of a room, you must multiply length times width. When a number is added to itself several times.
muscle - A tendon attaches a muscle to a bone. A part of the body that can be stretched or tightened to make the body move.
musician - She is a versatile musician who can play many instruments. Artist who composes, conducts or plays music as a profession.
mysterious - The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious place. Strange, beyond normal understanding.
myth - There is a myth about a creature with a man's head and horse's body. A traditional story of anonymous origin that explains the beliefs and practices of a people.
naive - Jennifer was naive to believe that smoking was harmless. simple in nature; child like; lacking sophistication
naked - The baby was naked in the bath tub. Having no protecting or concealing cover.
narrow - The strait was too narrow for the ocean liner to pass through it. Not wide or broad.
naughty - The naughty young puppy liked to eat shoes and socks. To be badly behaved or mischievous.
nausea - She suffered from nausea after the boat left the dock. A feeling of discomfort in the stomach; a feeling that you need to vomit.
necessary - We took only the necessary supplies on our camping trip. Something that is absolutely essential or needed.
nectar - The butterfly drinks nectar from flowers. A sweet liquid that bees collect and use from flowers to make honey.
negative - A negative attitude carries with it the likelihood of disappointment and loneliness. Expressing an attitude against someone or something. A refusal or resistance to cooperate.
neighbor - I am very fond of our new neighbor. Someone who lives in a house or an apartment that is close to where you live.
nephew - My nephew has a black belt in karate. A son of your brother or sister.
nibble - Sarah felt the fish nibble at the hook. to eat or chew in small, quick bites
niece - My niece goes to preschool. A daughter of your brother or sister.
nimble - All athletes must be nimble in order to compete. Mentally quick; physically quick and light-footed.
nitrogen - The nitrogen cycle is important to all life forms because nitrogen is needed to make protein. A colorless odorless tasteless gas; constitutes 78 percent of the atmosphere; All living things must have it.
noise - It's hard to concentrate with all the noise in the classroom. A sound, especially a loud or unpleasant one.
nomad - He had lived all his life as a nomad, traveling from place to place. A member of a people who have no permanent home but move about according to the seasons.
notable - Jennifer Lopez is a notable dancer, singer, and actress. Important and deserving attention, because it's very good or interesting.
novice - She was a novice playwrite just beginning her career. Someone new to a field or activity.
nucleus - Each cell is surrounded by a membrane and contains a nucleus. The largest part of the cell, the control center of the cell.
numb - It was so cold my fingers were numb. Lacking sensation.
oasis - An oasis is a welcome sight in the desert. A place in the desert with water, plants, and trees.
oath - A serious promise to speak the truth. You swear under oath in court when you put your hand on the Bible.
obey - It is important to obey the safety rules when swimming in the pool. Follow the commands, laws or directions given.
object - The floor has a crack where the heavy object was dropped. something that can be seen or touched; thing
obligation - It is our obligation to pay taxes to our government. A personal relation in which one is indebted for a service or favor.
oboe - I played the oboe in the band. This woodwind instrument has a double reed.
obstacle - The deep hole in the road is an obstacle to cars. An object in the way of something else.
Officer - The cadet was training to become an officer at West Point. A leader in the armed forces or the police department.
omnivore - A bear is a perfect example of an omnivore. Animals that feed on both plants and animals.
ooze - Hawaiians watched the lava ooze slowly down the sides of the volcano. Pass gradually or leak through or as if through small openings.
opera - In an opera the actors sing all or most of their lines instead of saying them. A play where most of the words are sung. Music is played in the background.
option - You have the option of either going to the movies or going bowling. An alternative action.
orphan - The orphan felt alone on Christmas morning. A child who has lost both parents.
oxygen - A red blood cell carries oxygen around the body. A colorless gas that you breathe in. You need it to stay alive.
oyster - An oyster shell may contain a pearl. Marine mollusks having a rough irregular shell; found on the sea bed mostly in coastal waters.
paddle - Each person in the canoe had a paddle. A small, wooden pole with a short handle on one end and a flat blade on the other end. This can be used for moving a canoe or a small boat.
pageant - The pageant will take place in November. A contest between people or animals to show their best qualities.
palm - I burned the palm of my hand when I grabbed the hot skillet. The inner surface of the hand from the wrist to the base of the fingers.
paragraph - Circle any misspelled words in your paragraph. One of several distinct subdivisions of a text intended to separate ideas; the beginning is usually marked by a new indented line.
parallel - If lines are parallel, they never meet or cross each other. Lines that could go on forever but never touch; equal distance apart from each other.
Patience - The Biblical character known for his great patience was Job. Being able to put up with hardship, pain, trouble, or delay without getting angry or upset.
pebble - The pebble was stuck in the sole of my shoe. A small smooth rounded rock.
peculiar - I saw a woman wearing a peculiar hat. Characteristic of one only; distinctive or special.
pedestrian - Traffic stops at the crosswalk if there is a pedestrian waiting to cross. A person who is walking.
peninsula - The state of Florida is a peninsula. Land surrounded by water on three sides.
perfect - The Russian figure skater's performance was almost perfect. Being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish.
perhaps - If the team practices some more, perhaps we will win more games. Possibly, but not certainly; maybe.
perspiration - After exercising, he wiped the perspiration off of his forehead. Salty fluid secreted by sweat glands.
petite - She is so very petite that she has to buy clothes in the childrens' department. Very small and slender; little
pewter - The candle holders were made of pewter. Silver metal, often used for tableware and decoration.
pheasant - Dinner consisted of pheasant, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls. Any of several long tailed, often brightly colored birds.
phony - The counterfeiter was arrested for making phony money. Fake; not genuine or real.
physical - They worked the oblique stomach muscles in physical education class. Pertaing to the body, rather than to the mind or emotions.
piano - We will need several strong men to carry the piano. A musical instrument with black and white keys. This instrument is played by pressing the keys, which cause hammers to strike tuned strings and produce sounds.
pickle - I ate a pickle with my sandwich. Vegetables (especially cucumbers) preserved in a salt solution or vinegar.
pity - The crowd felt pity for the team when they lost the championship game. A feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others.
plasma - The red and white blood cells float around in the plasma. This is the clear, liquid part of the blood that holds proteins, digested foods, wastes, and other substances.
plateau - Most of the population of Mexico lives on the Central Plateau. A flat area of land that is higher than the surrounding land.
pledge - The children recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag To make an important promise, or vow
plumber - The plumber used a wrench to fix the pipes. Someone whose job is to fix water and heating pipes.
poetry - Free verse poetry does not need to have rhythm or rhyme. A piece of writing in which the words are arranged in separate lines, often ending in rhyme, and are chosen for their sound and for the images and ideas they suggest.
pollution - Our science teacher talked to our class about pollution. Harmful substances that are released in the air, and make our planet dirty, noisy, or unhealthy.
pompous - Jordan brags, bosses other around, and is very pompous. Showing arrogance or conceit.
posse - The posse found the criminals hiding in a cave. A group of people called together by a sheriff to help capture an outlaw.
precipitation - The temperature and precipitation amounts are abiotic parts of an environment. The rain, snow, sleet, and hail that falls from clouds to Earth. This is an important part of the water cycle.
precise - It is important to make precise measurements when building a house. Exact in performance or amount; strictly correct.
prejudice - I pray for a world without prejudice of any kind. An opinion about someone based on his or her skin color, religion, or other characteristics.
presume - I presume that you did all of your homework last night. Believe something to be true without being sure.
prevent - Disinfectant is used on surgical instruments to help prevent infections. To stop something from happening before it occurs.
prism - We saw many colors of the rainbow when we looked through the prism. A triangular, three-dimensional object made of clear glass that breaks up white light into its different colors.
privilege - I had the privilege of being introduced to the prince when I was in London. A special right or honor given to someone.
prize - Jaime received a prize for winning the marathon. Something given for winning a contest or competition.
prohibit - The principal prohibits anyone from smoking in our school. To forbid or not allow something to be done
promise - I made a promise to my teacher to follow the classroom rules. A verbal commitment by one person to another to do (or not to do) something in the future.
protein - Vegetarians don't eat meat, but get protein from beans, nuts and grains. This is the part of our diet which helps our body to grow and to repair itself. Protein comes from meat, fish, eggs, dairy produce and nuts.
proud - You should be proud of your excellent grades. Feeling good about who you are or something you have done.
provoke - Her little brother knows just how to provoke her. to make angry; to stir up on purpose
pulp - Guava has very sweet pulp on the inside. Something soft or ground up, like wood pulp or tomato pulp.
pumpkin - Christina baked a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. A large orange or yellow-orange fruit having a soft pulp containing many seeds and a firm outer rind.
puzzle - My uncle gave me a 1,000-piece puzzle for Christmas! A game, activity, or problem in which you have to think or work hard at in order to solve.
quack - The duck began to quack as we moved closer. A sharp, loud sound made by a duck.
quaint - The quaint country inn has fireplaces and quilts in every room. Strange, in an interesting or pleasing way.
quarrel - They had a quarrel about money. Angry disagreement or fight with words; an argument.
queasy - Our airplane faced turbulent winds that caused us to feel queasy. Feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit.
quest - He went on a quest for hidden treasure. A journey to search for something.
quota - The sales manager set a sales quota for his team. A limited number assigned to a group.
radiant - Susan looked radiant in her wedding gown. Expressing joy, energy, or good health.
raffle - I will announce the winner of the raffle tomorrow. A lottery in which the prizes are goods rather than money.
random - A random act of kindness is a good deed. By chance, with no plan or purpose.
raspberry - Hannah likes raspberry ice cream. A juicy, sweet red berry. These taste wonderful in pies!
receipt - You need a receipt in order to return the merchandise to the store. A paper showing money or goods received.
recipe - The recipe called for one egg yolk, two egg whites and 1/2 cup of milk. Instructions that tell you how to make and cook something.
reckless - A reckless driver is a menace to others. Marked by unthinking boldness; with defiant disregard for danger or consequences.
recognize - We try to recognize patterns in math class. To know or identify from past experience or knowledge.
recommend - I recommend that you spend at least 30 minutes a night reading. To praise or speak in favor of; advise or suggest.
reconcile - We can reconcile this disagreement with just a little compromise from both sides. Settle a disargeement or difference; make peace.
recreation - Boating is a type of recreation. Relaxing of the mind or body through amusing or enjoyable activities; play
recuperate - Seth will need five days to recuperate after surgery. Recover from sickness, exhaustion, loss.
referee - It is a hard job to be a referee. An official that enforces the rules of a game.
reflex - It is an automatic reflex to blink when something comes near your eyes. An automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus.
refrigerate - You need to refrigerate milk to keep it from spoiling. Preserve by chilling, as of food.
refugee - The refugee was looking for a safe place to stay. A person who flees to another country to escape persecution or disaster.
region - New York is in the northeastern region of the United States. A geographical area with common natural features that set it apart from other areas.
regret - Sometimes when we're mad we say things that we regret later. Sadness associated with some wrong done or some disappointment.
reject - Members of a clique usually reject outsiders. To say no to something or someone.
religion - Judaism is a much older religion than Islam. A belief in or worship of God or gods.
reptile - A turtle is a good reptile to have as a pet. A cold-blooded vertebrate with dry, scaly skin.
require - Children require relatively larger amounts of nutrients and calories because of their rapid growth. Have need of. Something you have to have to go on.
resolve - Can the Israelis and the Palestinians resolve their problems? 1. Bring to an end; settle conclusively, as of a conflict. Reach a decision. 2. Reach a conclusion after a discussion or deliberation.
responsible - Our stomach is responsible for the digestion of our food. trustworthy; reliable / required to answer for something / deserving credit or blame for something
reunion - Family from all across the country came together at our reunion. When a group of people come together again.
rhyme - Do the words boat and goat rhyme? Words that end with the same sounds, usually found at the end of lines of poetry.
ridiculous - Her pink hair looked ridiculous! absurd, laughable, or silly
rough - This block of wood still has rough edges. Things that are uneven or not smooth.
rubbish - The rubbish on the highway is from people throwing trash out of their cars. Worthless material that is discarded.
rumor - It is not polite to spread a rumor about someone. Facts that are told about someone or something, that are not proven to be true.
sabotage - A virus on the internet can sabotage a computer. An action taken to destroy something or to prevent it from working properly;
sacred - Hindus believe that cows are sacred. Worthy of respect or dedication.
safari - Friends of ours went on Safari in Africa to help with endangered species. A trip to watch or hunt for animals that are usually found in other countries.
safety - For your own safety, make sure you look both ways before crossing the street. Freedom from danger, injury, or damage.
saliva - Saliva helps you to swallow your food. The digestive juice made by glands in the mouth.
salmon - Salmon swim many miles every year and even swim upstream A large, silver colored fish that is hatched in fresh water but lives in the ocean as an adult.
samurai - The samurai trained for many years to become a master of his sword. Japanese warriors who protected wealthy land-owning lords.
sandal - Taylor took her sandal to a shoe shop to have the broken strap repaired. A shoe consisting of a sole strapped to the foot.
sandwich - I had a turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch. Two (or more) slices of bread with a filling between them. These are good to take on a picnic!
satellite - The rocket was used to send the satellite into orbit. An artificial object that was sent into space to orbit another object.
sauna - The best thing to get rid of a cold is to spend an hour or two in a sauna. A steam bath; hot steam is produced by pouring water over heated rocks.
scalp - Your scalp gets itchy when your hair is not clean. The skin that covers the top of the head.
scandal - Joe was involved in a scandal that was in all the newspapers. A shameful action that brings disgrace or shocks people
scavenger - The hyena is a scavenger, because it eats meat left behind by other animals. Animals that eat dead or rotting animal flesh.
schedule - I have the schedule for my classes this week. An organized plan for with dates and information for completing tasks
scholarship - The hard working student won a scholarship to ICESE. Financial aid given to a student on the basis of academic merit.
scorch - The sun will scorch you if you don't use a high quality sunscreen. To burn slightly or dry up with an intense heat
scowl - I dread seeing my parents scowl when they receive my report card. A facial expression of dislike or displeasure.
scratch - Don't scratch your mosquito bites. A minor mark or injury on the skin caused by something.
scuba - SCUBA is an acronym meaning self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. A device worn by a free-swimming diver to provide a supply of air while swimming under water.
secretary - A good executive secretary is very hard to find. An assistant who handles correspondence and office work for a boss or an organization.
severe - The naughty boy received a severe punishment from his parents. Strict, or stern; also something serious
shabby - The old man was wearing an old shabby coat. Worn or faded from use or from wear; to be dressed in worn-out clothes;
shepherd - The shepherd protected the sheep from the wolf. Someone who watches and protects a flock of sheep.
shrink - I hate it when my clothes shrink and fade. Decrease in size, range, or extent.
sibling - The young boy tried to help his sibling stay out of trouble with their mother. A person's brother or sister.
signature - I can't read my father's signature. Your name, written in your own handwriting.
simile - "She slept like a baby" is an example of a simile. A figure of speech that expresses a resemblance between things of different kinds (usually formed with `like' or `as').
sizzle - Bacon sizzles in the frying pan. To make a hissing or crackling sound:
skeleton - Do you know how many bones are in a human skeleton? All of the bones that support a person's or an animal's body.
sleeve - Cindy rolled up the long sleeve on her shirt because she was hot. The part of a garment that is attached at armhole and provides a cloth covering for the arm.
sleigh - There is a beautiful old wooden sleigh in the barn. A vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs, for transportation over snow.
sloppy - His handwriting was very sloppy. Lacking neatness or order.
sneeze - Bob's cat makes him sneeze. To blow air out of your nose and mouth with a sudden and loud involuntary noise.
sniff - The puppy sniffed my shoes with its nose. To quickly and noisily take a deep breath of air with your nose. Some people do this when they cry.
snore - When I have a cold, I snore very loudly. Sometimes when you sleep, the soft palate relaxes and vibrates when you breathe, producing this noise.
snuggle - A mother likes to snuggle with her baby. A close and affectionate embrace.
soldier - A soldier is a person who defends his country. A person who serves in the army.
sorrow - The death of her kitten filled Emma with sorrow. Feeling much sadness or unhappiness.
souvenir - He wanted to keep the ticket to the concert as a souvenir. Something that is kept as a reminder of a person, place or event; memento.
spaghetti - We are having spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread for lunch. Pasta in the shape of long, thin strings.
speech - She bored everyone with her very long speech. The ability to speak; a talk given to a group of people.
spooky - The old graveyard looked spooky in the moonlight. Something that is scary or supernatural.
sprain - You can sprain your ankle if you are not careful when hiking up the mountain. An injury to a joint that causes soreness and swelling.
squad - The rescue squad arrived promptly. A small group of people organized for an activity.
squeeze - Jerry likes to squeeze lemon juice on grilled fish. The act of gripping and pressing firmly.
squid - A squid can sting you with its tentacles. Fast-moving ten-armed mollusk having a long body. It is usually smaller than an octopus.
stagger - I saw the man stagger and almost fall in the street. To walk unsteadily as though about to fall, to arrange in such a way as to avoid overcrowding, to shock or amaze.
staple - Meat and potatoes are considered staple foods in Canada. Most important basic food; The principle article grown or manufactured in a place.
starve - The baby seal will starve without milk from its mother. To die from hunger.
statue - There is a tall statue in the center of town. A sculpture that is made to look like a person, an animal, or an object. This piece of art may be made from stone, wood, or metal.
steam - The steam in the bathroom made my mirror foggy. Water at boiling temperature diffused in the atmosphere.
stomach - My stomach was full after eating the pie. This is the baglike digestive organ in which food is churned and mixed. This also secretes juices that help to break up food particles.
straight - I had to walk straight to keep from falling off the board. Having no bends, curves, or twists.
strange - We saw a very strange bird in our apple tree. When something is different from what people are used to.
stray - We try not to stray off the path when we walk in the woods. Wander from a direct or straight course.
stretch - I stretch every morning when I first get up. To extend your arms, legs, or body to full length.
strict - The school dress code is very strict for students and teachers. Rigid; allowing no flexibility. Harsh or stiff; stringently enforced.
struggle - Sometimes I struggle to get all of my homework done on time. Make a strenuous or labored effort.
stubborn - A mule is often a very stubborn animal. Unwilling to change, move or yield.
stupid - It is stupid to get drunk and then drive home. Not having the capacity to think well or not using common sense.
Subject - You can find information on any subject using the internet. A person or thing discussed or treated; the matters taught at school
suburb - Pance is a suburb of Cali. A residential district located close to a large city.
success - I had great success with my science experiment. Impressive achievement, especially the attainment of fame, wealth, or power.
summary - The teacher asked the students to write a summary of their library books. A brief statement that presents the main points in a concise form.
superb - His lyric poems are superb in their beauty, grandeur, and mastery of language. splendid; excellent; beyond the expected
supreme - The Supreme Court is a part of the judicial branch of the government. Highest in excellence or achievement.
surgeon - The surgeon made the incision to start the operation. A medical doctor who performs operations on people.
survey - We took a survey of people in our neighborhood to see if the majority wanted speed bumps on our street. A poll or questionaire used to gather information.
survive - The men were lost in the jungle, but survived by eating plants. To stay alive in difficult conditions, where there is danger of dying or being killed.
swab - The baby cried when I tried to clean his ear with the cotton swab. A small piece of cotton on a stick that is used to apply medication or cleanse a wound.
swallow - Chew your food well before you swallow it. Pass through the esophagus as part of eating or drinking.
sweep - Before you wax the floor, make sure you sweep it very well. To clean a room or place with a broom.
swift - A lion is not as swift as a cheetah. Able to move at quick speed; quick to respond.
sword - The gallant knight drew his sword and killed the enormous dragon. A cutting or thrusting weapon with a long blade.
syllable - It is easier to spell a word if you sound out each syllable clearly. Words are broken down into these single sound parts.
sympathy - The children showed sympathy to the teacher when her dog died. Feeling sorry for and wanting to help another person.
symphony - The symphony will perform at Pace University on Friday evening. A composition for an orchestra to play.
tacky - The girl looked tacky in her polka dotted green skirt and plaid purple shirt. Tasteless; something that is too showy.
tangle - It hurts when I tangle my hair. To mix something up so that it becomes twisted into an unorganized mess.
tardy - You will be marked tardy if you arrive after the second bell rings. Late, not on time, delayed
tedious - Doing the same job over and over again can become tedious. Seeming to go on for a long time; boring.
temperature - The freezer was set to maintain a constant temperature of 32 degrees. A physical property that tells you how hot or cold matter is.
terrace - I like to sit out on the terrace in the early morning and drink my coffee. Usually paved outdoor area adjoining a residence.
terrain - The rugged terrain required special footwear. The ground, whether it is sandy, mountainous, rocky, etc.
terrific - The Spring Dance was a wonderful affair and all of the 5th and 6th grade students had a terrific time. Extraordinary; remarkable, very great.
texture - The texture of the sandpaper felt rough on my fingers. How things feel, or look as though they might feel, if touched.
thaw - Allow the meat to thaw properly before cooking it. to melt, unfreeze, or defrost
thesaurus - I looked up the word in the thesaurus to find a synonym I could use. A dictionary of synonyms and antonyms.
thread - I had a hard time getting the thread to go through the eye of the needle. A very thin piece of cotton or silk string used to stitch cloth.
tickle - Don't tickle anyone unless they want you to do it. To keep touching or poking gently, often causing someone to laugh.
tidy - After I was done cleaning, my room looked neat and tidy. To keep everything neat and organized.
timid - My sister is very timid at times. shy, with lack of confidence.
tomato - This tomato does not look ripe because it is still a little green. A soft, juicy red fruit. This is eaten in salads. Sauces are also made from this and used to give flavor to pasta!
tongue - Your taste buds are on your tongue. A long, pink muscle that is inside of your mouth. It is used to help eat and chew our food, for tasting, and making certain sounds.
traffic - Expect heavy traffic in September and October. People, automobiles, trucks, airplanes, ships as they come and go along their way of travel.
tragedy - The death of his father proved to be a tragedy for the whole family. An event resulting in great loss and misfortune.
treasurer - It was agreed that the treasurer should disburse the funds for a new brochure. The person in charge of the money in a government or any other organization.
tremble - We felt the earth tremble as the volcano began erupting. Reflex shaking caused by cold, fear or excitement.
trinket - All of the girls received golden trinkets from the boys on Valentine's Day. A small item that has very little value.
triumph - Winning the game was a great triumph! A great victory, success, or achievement.
trophy - Kyle won a trophy for winning the spelling contest. Something given as a token of victory.
turmoil - There was turmoil in the cafeteria after several students started a food fight. Disturbance usually in protest.
twinge - He felt a twinge of pain in his leg. Feel a sudden sharp, local pain.
twinkle - We watched the stars twinkle in the dark sky. To reflect light in a flickering manner; of stars.
uncle - My uncle Robert is a policeman. The brother of your father or mother; the husband of your aunt.
unemployed - I was feeling depressed after being unemployed for over a year. A person who does not have a job or work of any kind.
unique - There are no two students alike, each one is quite unique. Having no like or equal; being th only one of its kind.
unruly - An unruly child in a restaurant can be very annoying. Noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline.
urban - New Orleans, Louisiana is an urban community. Relating to or concerned with a city or densely populated area.
urgent - There is an urgent announcement coming over the radio now! Requiring immediate action; needing attention at once.
utensil - The fork is a very functional utensil. An instrument or tool used for some special purpose.
vacant - The apartment had been vacant for a long time before we moved in. Containing no one or nothing; empty.
vaccine - There is a vaccine to prevent polio. Special substances used to protect a person or animal from a disease.
vanilla - The meal ended with hot apple pie, coffee and vanilla ice cream. A flavoring that is made from vanilla beans.
variable - Spring weather can be extremely variable. Something that is likely to vary; something that is subject to variation.
vault - He kept his valuable coin collection in a vault to keep it safe. A strongroom or compartment (often made of steel) for safekeeping of valuables.
Venison - Laura and Mary had venison for supper . Deer meat, used as food.
versatile - Her recipe for pizza is very versatile because it can be changed easily. Someone or something that is able to change easily from one activity to another or able to be used for many different purposes.
victim - The victim was barely concious after being hit by the other car. 1. An unfortunate person who suffers from some adverse circumstances. 2. A person who suffers death, injury, hardship or loss.
villain - The villain in the Wizard of Oz is the wicked witch of the West. A wicked or evil person; someone who does evil deliberately.
vinegar - We combine oil and vinegar to make the salad dressing. A sour liquid used to flavor and preserve food.
virus - Scientists are now trying to eradicate the HIV virus. A tiny organism that can reproduce only in living cells. Viruses cause disease in humans, animals, and plants.
volunteer - People sometimes volunteer to help others because it is the right thing to do. A person who helps or offers to do something without getting paid.
vowel - Every word has a vowel. The speech sounds made by the letters a, e, i, o, and u.
wafer - The small wafer did not satisfy my hunger. A small thin crisp cake or cookie.
waltz - My grandmother used to waltz in a ballroom with my grandfather. A ballroom dance in triple time with a strong accent on the first beat.
warehouse - The warehouse was loaded with supplies waiting to be shipped to Europe. A storehouse for goods and merchandise.
weakness - A box of chocolates is her greatest weakness. To like something even though it might not be good for you.
weapon - The police discovered a weapon hidden in the house. Something that is used for fighting or hunting.
weary - The weary runner collapsed at the end of the race. Exhaust or tire though overuse, great strain, or stress.
wedding - My sister had her wedding in New York City. A social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed.
weekend - Dad and Mom took us to the circus last weekend. The end of the week; Saturday and Sunday.
wharf - The boat stopped at the wharf only long enough to pick up the cargo. A platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles; provides access to ships and boats.
wheeze - Her asthma caused her to wheeze after long periods of exercise. Breathing with a husky or whistling sound.
whim - Experts advise parents not to indulge in a child's every whim. A sudden desire.
whirl - The wind caused the leaves to whirl and spin around and around on the lawn. To spin around very quickly, or to make something do this.
whisk - I like to use a whisk to beat eggs. To move, brush,whip, etc., with a quick sweeping motion.
whistle - The teacher blew the whistle when recess was over. 1. A high, shrill sound that you can make when you blow through your lips. 2. A high pitched sound. Some people can make this sound with their mouth.
whole - Our whole family gets together on Thanksgiving. The complete amount or sum of something.
whopper - That was a whopper of a fish; it was nearly as long as the fishing pole. Something especially big or impressive of its kind.
widow - All of his personal effects were left to his widow. A woman whose husband is dead especially one who has not remarried.
wisdom - In addition to being a powerful ruler, Solomon had a reputation for wisdom. The trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight.
witness - The jury listened while each witness gave their testimony. Someone who sees an event and reports what happened.
wolf - The wolf looked ferocious when it bared its teeth. A mammal that is a part of the dog family. This mammal lives in cold areas and likes to hunt in packs.
worship - The pilgrims desired the freedom to worship God in any way that they wanted to. A feeling of profound love and admiration.
wrestle - Karl thinks he can wrestle alligators. To struggle or fight with someone or something.
wrinkle - A hot iron will get the wrinkle out of my dress. A small fold usually on cloth or skin.
wrist - I wear my watch on my left wrist. The joint, or the region of the joint, between the hand and the arm.
xylophone - Using two wooden mallets, Karen played a simple tune on the xylophone. A musical instrument with a row of wooden or metal bars of different lengths. You play this instrument by hitting the bars with small mallets.
yacht - The guests went for a sunset sail on the yacht. A large, expensive boat; This type of boat may be used in boat races.
yawn - Isaac began to yawn because he didn't get enough sleep last night. To open your mouth wide and breathe in deeply. You may do this when you are tired or if you are bored.
yearn - I yearn to travel to Australia someday. To feel a strong desire or affection for something or someone - to want something.
yield - The car did not yield to the truck at the exit ramp and caused an accident. Be flexible under stress of physical force.
yodel - The Swiss mountaineers are known for how they yodel. A way of singing where the voice goes up and down rapidly.
yogurt - A wise alternative to ice cream is frozen yogurt. A custard-like food made from curdled milk.
zany - My mom's best friend is zany when it comes to having fun. Funny in a clownish or foolish way.
zealous - Rick was zealous about practicing soccer moves. To be passionate about or extremely interested in pursuing something.
zilch - We found zilch in the kitchen cupboards and were forced to go to the supermarket. A quantity of no importance. Nothing.
zinc - Brass is an mixture of zinc and copper. A metallic element used in alloys, batteries, paint and medicine.
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