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Star Wars Quiz

Take a quiz on Star Wars the Clone Wars season 5!

1. Who kills the Jedi that Obi-Wan is with in the First Episode? Darth Maul
2. Which Jedi talks about the weaknesses of Destroyers? Anakin Skywalker
3. Who stays with the rebel soldiers while two Jedi leave to go back to the council? (Hint: Obi-Wan and Anakin leave) Ahsoka Tano
4. Who attempts to rescue the former President of Onderon? Saw (Seela's Brother)
5. Who dies in the end of the battle for Onderon? Seela
6. What is the name of the planet the younglings travel to, to find their Lightsaber crystals? Ilum
7. What group of bandits enter the younglings ship to steel their Jedi Crystals? Pirates
8. What is the wookie youngling's name? Gungi
9. What does Ahsoka use to "pilot" their ship while being pursued by pirates? A Mask
10. What powerful upgrade is given to R2-D2? Advanced Rocket Boosters
11. Colonel ______ Rides in one of the Astromech's for transportation. Colonel Gascon
12. What is the name of the clone who assists the droids in returning home? Gregor
13. What droid kind attack the D squad during their mission? Buzz Droids
14. Darth Maul and ___ ______ both are enemies of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Pre Vizsla
15. Who fakes the rescue of Mandalore? Death Watch
16. Who kills Duchess Satine? Darth Maul
17. Who do the senate think could of sabotaged the Jedi Temple? A Jedi
18. Who is found guilty of the attack on the Jedi Temple? Leta
19. Who does Ahsoka join up with after running to the underworld of Corasaunt? Asajj Ventress
20. Who made the attack on the Jedi Temple? Barriss Offee
21. What did Ahsoka do after the trial? Left the Jedi Order
Created by: pedechar