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La puerta del infier

La puerta del infierno

el aborigen aboriginal, native
alquilar to rent
el ardid trick
avaro-ra miserly, greedy
la bendición blessing
la carcajada evil laugh
el/la cavador-ra diggers
la cima peak
la codicia greed
codenado-da damned
cojurar to exorcize
el destello sparkle/flash
erguirse to rise
expiar to expiate, pay for one's sins
la fechoría misdeed
habitar to inhabit
el huésped guest
insaciable insatiable
inusitado-da unusual
el/la mercader merchant
perenne perennial
el pozo well
soberbio-bia magnificent
el sustento sustenance
le tesoro treasure
el vocerío shouting, clamor
el alarido scream, howl
atroz horrible, atrocious, extremely evil
el barril barrel
el/la compinche comrade
confiar to confide, to trust
encapotado covered by a cape
enterrado-da buried
el faro lighthouse
la llamarada flash, flare-up
maldito-ta accursed, damned
la pedrería jewelry, precious stone
la tempestad storm
el trato treatment
Created by: xsaix123