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MCB100 Final

Medisoft Final

Administrative medical office responsibilities include? claims submission.
The doctorine stating that physicians are legally responsible for both their own conduct and that of their employees is known as? respondeat superior,let the master answer, and vicarious liability.
Cost pressures on health care providers are forcing employers to reduce personnel costs by hiring? Multiskilled health care practitioners.
A claims assistance professional? works for the consumer and helps patients file insurance claims.
The earliest written code of ethical principles for the medical profession is the? Code of Hammurabi.
What level of education is generally required for one who seeks employment as an insurance coder? Completion of an accredited program for coding certification.
Medical ettiquette refers to? consideration for others.
Why are multiskilled heath practitioners (MSHPs) in demand? They are cross-trained to provide more than one function, they are often competent in more than one discipline, and they offer more flexibility to their employer.
Medical ethics include? standards of conduct.
Front office medical duties have become increasingly important because? diagnostic and procedure coding must be reviewed for its correctness and completeness.
A billing specialist is entrusted with? holding a patients' medical information in confidence, collecting monies, and being a reliable resource for co-workers.
Reporting incorrect information to government-funded programs is? Illegal.
Assigning a code without documentation from the provider is? Illegal and Unethical.
Reporting incorrect information to Medicare is? Illegal.
Unbundling services when an available single code includes all services is? Illegal and Unethical.
Using code numbers to increase payment when case documentation does not warrant it is? Illegal and Unethical.
Coding services that were not performed for payment is? Illegal and Unethical.
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