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demonstrate the power of magic within yourself to believe

the ability to do in a show Magic
a shadow that frightens the kids Ghost
a blood, thirsty creature to suck your blood to gain more power and strength Vampire
a holiday celebrated on the 31st of October known as "ALL Hallow's Eve" Halloween
dangerous treacherous
a person that is full of power which is a female that flys on a broom in the sky at midnight witch
a sorcerer warlock/wizard
a person practices magic in a talent show or a regular show magician
a person wrapped in goss and buried in his/her tomb or pyramid in many areas in Egypt Mummy
a person that rules Egypt in ancient times such as Egypt 88 B.C.E. Pharaoh
a building made of large stone, rock, marble, or concrete built by slaves or ruler's men Tomb / Pyramid
Which city had the most pyramids and tombs? Cairo
Which city had the least pyramids and tombs? Giza
Which city had the lowest number of tombs and pyramids? Alexandria
What are the most values for a pharaoh to have in his/her burial tomb/chamber? Jewelry, Pharaoh's coffin, Statues, Gold, and much more
Explain the process for wizardry. You must believe in your heart and receive the gift of Power and Magic from the wizard and warlock. You will have the power and magic for enternal life forever in your body.
How do witches make potions? They make the potions by having a cauldron and having all of the ingredients to make a specific potion to work by power and magic
Created by: tigerths101