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fractions 1

try working out these fraction word scenarios

Dafydd had £12 in his pocket. He spent 5/6ths of his money. How much did Dafydd spend? How much money has he left? He spent £10 and had £2 left
Elwyn walked 5/8ths of his journey. If the journey was 160km long, how far did he walk? 100kms
There are 32 pupils in a class. 7/16ths of them are girls. How many girls are in the class? How many boys are in the class? 14 are girls. 18 are boys
In an election, 9/10ths of the electors went out to vote. If there were 30,000 electors, how many voted? 2700
A television costs £550 in a shop. In a sale the television will be sold for 4/5ths of this price. How much will the television cost in the sale? How much money will you save? Sold for £440, a saving of £110
65 sweets are shared between two persons, namely Elliw and Eiry. Elliw has 11/13ths of them and Eiry has the remainder. How much will each one get? Elliw has 55, Eiry has 10
Arthur earns £600 per week. He pays 7/20ths of his earnings in tax. How much tax does Arthur pay? £210
3/10ths of school pupils are boys and the remainder girls. If there are 1400 pupils in the school, how many are boys and how many are girls? 420 boys, 980 boys
4/5 of a mixed class of pupils are boys. If the number of boys is 20, how many children are in the class? How many girls are in the class? 25 in the class with 5 girls
Created by: kimtnicoll