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AP Unit 5 Questions

Youuuu knoooow!

What is absolutism? The monarchy controls everything
What economic theory leaves "every man for himself?" Capitalism
What is the root word of imperialism? Empire
When did western hemisphere free itself from European control? By early 1800s
What is ethnocentrism? The belief that your culture, race, religon, and government is the best
What is pride in one's country instead of a specific leader? Nationalism
What group of people applied the theory of natural selection to sociology? Social Darwinists
What is the "White man's burden?" Europeans have the moral obligation to teach others hows to be civilized
Why was China called the Middle Kingdom? They believed they were at the center of the world
What are new technologies that were developed in the Industrial Revolution ? Telegraph, telephone, radio, national postal system, steamship, railroad, trains
What is a big farm that only produceds one crop? A plantation system
What was the Monroe Doctrine? President Monroe said that Europeans could NOT intervene with countries in the Western Hemisphere
What made Egypt a significant commerical and political power? The Suez Canal
England gets opium from India, and sells it to: China
The opium lets what flow out of China? Silver
What is Extraterritorality? A crime is committed in another country by a visitor. The foreign country can not punish the visitor; the home country punishes the person.
What changed due to the Industrial Revolution? People moved to cities.
What improved farming? The second agricultural revolution 18th century. (Use of modern fertilizer and steam equipment)
Who is the father of capitalism? Adam Smith
What was Adam Smith's philosophy? The government should NOT interfere with the economy.
Adam Smith's book about capitalism was called: Wealth of Nations
In the second industrial revolution, electricity overtakes steam and coal as: Power source
What is Marx's name for the working class? Proletariat
What class was born because of the Industrial Revolution? The working class
What was Marx's name for the middle class? Borgeoisse
What began to be determined more by wealth than family position in unit 5? Social Status
Marxism is the same as: Communism
The lightbulb created what? Work shifts. Now people could work into the night.
Karl Marx wrote what? Communist Manifesto
Charles Dickens wrote of what? Social ills of industrialization
What did the Ludites do? Destroyed factory equipment and protested working conditions/wages
What was the first industrial war? The United States Civil War
What is monoculture? One crop is grown
What happened in the "Banana Republic?" US took over islands and forced them to grow bananas. They grew bananas and shiped them to America for cheap prices.
Why didn't Russian have a real culture? Mongol rule
What is the Meiji Restoration? It turns on the power switch for Industrialization in Japann.
Who brought huge boats to Japan and forced them to trade? Commodore Perry
Who are the zaibatsu? Super rich families that start businesses in Japan. There were four big rich families that formed companies.
What doubled in Britian in 1700s? Population almost doubled 5 million to 9 million
What are the Enclosure Acts? Public lands closed off, so people moved to cities
What made textile revolution possible? Cottin gin
What is urbanization? The shift of people from countryside to city
What is the Scientific Revolution? Discovering, learning, evaluating, understanding the natural world
What is the Industrial Revolution? Appling that understanding for economic ends
What does urbanization cause? Rise of nationalism, colonization, independence movements and revolutions, social unrest,
What is the Enlightenment? Thinking rationally
What is anti-Semitism? Hate Jews
What happened in Ireland? Famine because of a blight on potatoes
What pushed the migration of people to North/South America from Europe in unit 5? Famine in Ireland; Anti-Semitism-Russia; Religous toleration; Poverty; Joblessness
What are pogroms? The government allows people to kill Jews
Natural Resources quote about imperialism: "STEALING IS CHEAPER THAN DEALING!"
In 1850, Industrial Revolution is over, what happens? The working class starts to benefit (People get rights)
Most working women were ___? Single
Women were paid __ than men? less
What new group forms? Middle class housewives
What era idealized women? It showed them how to be prim and proper and spend all of their husbands' money on cute things. Victorian Age
What is social mobility? The ability to move from one class to the next
Husband= ___ Wife= _____ in most of unit 5. Husband-wage earner Wife-Homemaker
Old money from family; What is new money? New money- you make it
The lower class is worknig alongside The managers. They can now see the unfairness. They saw elite gain wealth at their expense. This leads to __________ and/or ______________. labor unions and or communism
What is a safe haven for former slaves? Sierra Leone- British colony Liberia- colonization scheme for freed slaves from U.S.
What is the Emancipation of 1861? The Russian serfs are freed. They are no longer bound to land.
Emacipation of serfs was similar to what? Sharecropping in US. The former serfs now had to pay for land
What stimulated the awareness of unequal treatment of women? Enlightenment theories (reason) and active role of women in American and French revolutions
What is the cult of domesticity? Stressing women's place in the home- Dominated Western culture. Women felt like they were controlled by being in the home, like a cult.
What occupations were open to women? Child care, teaching, domestic household work, nursing
Domestic means domocile=home
What is suffrage? Voting rights
What is temperance? Stop drinking
What gave women suffrage? World War I
What is autocracy? Self rule= one person rules= dictator
What is a common theme in revolutions? Frustration with economic exploitation ("No taxation without representation")
What is the same thing as the Seven Years War? French and Indian War
What was the Common Sense pamphlet about? US needs to break free from England
France helped US do what? Defeat Britian
Who were the Three Estates in France? 1st Estate- Clergy; 2nd Estate- Nobles 2%; 3rd Estate- Everybody else 97%
What was the official start of the French Revolution? Storming the Bastille
The Declaration of the Rights of Man was what? A copycat of the American Bill of Rights
What did the Declaration of the Rights of man say? Freedom of the press, freedom of religon, increased voting rights, freedom, equality, rule of law
What is the rule of law? No one is above the law
Constitutional Monarchy was similar to what? The Mandate of Heaven, but in a legal way
What is a Republic? People vote for other people who then decide
Who took over France after Robespierre was beheaded? Napoleon
What is a Coup de tat? Quick overthrow of the government
What did the Napoleonic Codes do? Equality of Frenchmen-All men are citizens
Who is the first emperor of France? Napoleon
In russia, what happens with Napoleon? Russia lured Napoleon into Moscow, but then burned their own city. Napoleon had no supplies for troops and retreated back to France.
Napoleon took French army ___ after he was exiled and returned to France? Waterloo, Belgium
The French Revolution accomplished what? It did away with absolute monarchy; Governments had to be more attentive to peoples' needs; creates spirit of nationalism; spread the idea or revolution outside France
What is Liberalism? You want as many rights as possible
Nationalism unites what two countries? Italy and Germany BECOME COUNTRIES
What catastrophe happened in Ireland? Irish potato famine
What colony in the Americas does France have? Haiti
America is to Britain, as ___ is to France. Haiti
Where was the first successful slave revolt? Haiti
Who sold the Louisisana Territory to US? Napoleon
What brought about major change in global power? The Louisiana Territory was sold to US. It MADE US A WORLD SUPERPOWER!
El Grito de Dolores is what? "Cry from Delores!" a declaration by Mexican priest, Father Hidalgo saying the the Spanish had to go!
Delores is what? A city where Mexicans "cried for peace."
Mexican Independence Day is when what happened? El Grito de Dolores (Call to arms by priest)
Miguel Hildago was who? Creole priest who started Mexican Revolution #1
Who picked up where Hildago left off? Jose Morelos
What happened in 1815? Jose Morelos was killed
Sino means what? China
What happened during the "Hundred Days of Reform" in China? Let all people vote, all kids could got to school free, divided rich peoples' land among poor people
What was the Sino-Japanese War in 1895 over? China VS. Japan for Korea
Empress Cixi (Tehsee) of China was who? Concubine that "ruled" for nephew until he was an adult
What was Empress Cixi (Tehsee) of China's nick name? Dragon Lady
Empress Cixi (Tehsee) of China ruled how? Oppressive rule; She opposed ALL reform. Pro-Western was treason
Empress Cixi (Tehsee) of China arrested who? Her nephew and killed his reformers
Empress Cixi (Tehsee) of China's nephew did what? Hundred Days of Reform
Chinese Revolution of 1911 was a result of what? It was a backlash against Cixi's Conservatism
Chinese Revolution did what? Declaration of a republic
Unification of China began under who? Sun Yat-sen
Who is the father of modern China? Sun Yat-sen (Nationalist Party)
Who was Simon Bolivar? Venezuelan leader
Bolivar did what? He was enlightened and educated; he traveled to Europe and United States
What results from Bolivar's win? GRAN COLOMBIA- Columbia, Ecuador, and Venezuela
Who was the leader in Argentina? Jose de San Martin
Napoleon invaded Portugal, and what happened? Portuguses king- John VI flees to Brazil
John VI leaves his son Pedro where? In Brazil to rule
Pedro does what? Declares independece for Brazil and makes himself emperor
What advantage did Brazil have when compared to other Latin American countries? ADVANTAGE OF STABLE MONARCHY DURING INDEPENDENCE
Effects of Latin American independece movements: Europe kicked out of Latin American
Who had power in Russia? Czars had absolute power
1860s- Alexander I did what? Emancipation Edict- abolished serfdom
In Russia, what happened to freed serfs? They were given small plots of land, and had to give huge payments to the government. It was hard to improve situation
Some arts began to flourish in Russia after: Serfs freed
What was Russification? All Russians HAD TO learn Russian language and convert to Orthodox Christianity
Anyone who did not convert to Orthodox Christianity in Russia, was: Persecuted, especially Jews
Moderates in Russia march on czar's palace peacefully and ask for reform. What happens? Nicholas II sends his troops against protesters- Bloody Sunday- 1905
The educated Indians ___ Wanted freedom
What is formed in India? Indian National Congress
Who was the Italian nationalist who kicked out Spain and united Italy? Giuseppi Garibaldi
What was Garibaldi's (Italy) army called? Red Shirts
Where is Prussia located? Within Germany
Prussia and other kingdoms become: Germany
Germany and Austiran Empire were NOT united since when? Holy Roman Empire
Who united Germany? Otto von Bismarck
Who fought the Crimean War? Russia VS Ottoman Empire
Who wins Crimean War? Ottomans win with the help of France and England
Women were viewed as what in Japan 1890? Second class citizens
Japan became what during their industrialization? "AMERICA EAST"
What injustice happened in Nagasaki? Temperatures in a working factory were too hot, and the workers were shot for trying to escape
What is Feminism? WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO MEN
When did women get suffrage? WWI
What replaced agriculture as largest part of economy? Industrialization
What is a Marxism quote? Rich people have always taken advantage of the poor people
Utopian socialists say what? With good planning and regulation- everyone can be happy
Workers would overthrow, which would lead to ___? Communism (A revolution was necessary)
What caused imperialism:? Need for raw materials, and markets for goods
United States protected the AMEICAS FROM EUROPEAN THREAT with what? MONROE DOCTRINE
What is social darwinism? The people who are most technologically and culturally advanced should coquer other people
What does the sun never sets on the British Empire mean? Britian had so many colonies that the sun actually never set on the entre british empire.
Who were the sepoys? Indian Soldiers that were body guards for the British East India Company in India
What was a rumor that made the sepoys furious? Bullet cartridges were greased with pork and beef fat - both forbidden to Hinus and Muslims
Britain took over India after ___? Sepoy Mutiny
Britain had a huge influence in what Asian country? China
What Asian country remained independent because of their AWESOME kings? Thailand
Thailand was a buffer (middle ground) free zone between what? Between British Burma and French Indochina
Why did USA want Phillipines? Prevents Japanfrom having a naval base over here; US colony now; moral obligation to help poor yellow brothers
What happened in the Spanish Ameican War of 1898? Americans and Natives overthrew Spanish; USA annexation of Phillipines
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