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Lecture 7

Light Reactions and Primary Productivity

light independent reactions of photosynthesis occur as a cyclic pathway called the... Calvin-Benson Cycle
Light Independent Reactions are driven by energy from... ATP
What delivers hydrogen and electrons to build sugars? NADPH
What provides the carbon and oxygen? Carbon Dioxide
The enzyme that catalyzes the Calvin-Benson cycle: Rubisco
how much of primary productivity are phytoplankton responsible for? 90-96%
the reaction in which sugars produced by photosynthesis are broken down by phytoplankton using oxygen respiration
the yields of respiration are... carbon dioxide, water, and energy
three main methods of measuring primary productivity: 1. measure the evolution of oxygen in bottle over time 2. measure the rate of fixation of radioactive Co_2 into particulate matter 3. use a satellite
most often used method to measure primary productivity: based on the uptake rate of radioisotope in the form of 14CO_2
what is incorporated into glucose produced during photosynthesis, glucose is used to make other phytoplankton parts 14C
the amount of 14C in the phyoplankton, measured with a scintillation counter, taken up per unit times is used to measure of what? NPP
what 4 things are the main determinants of production patterns in the ocean? light, nutrients, temperature, and grazing
light, nutrients, and temperature vary with latitude
where is production is often limited by light in polar regions
when is primary production maximum? spring or early summer
where does very little vertical mixing, low nutrient concentrations in the photic zone, consistently low primary production by phytoplankton (no blooms)? in tropical regions
where do two blooms occur during the spring and (smaller) in the fall? in temperate regions
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