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Name the Operation

Word ProblemOperation Needed
Jessica's farm grew five hundred sixty-four watermelons. Brittany's farm grew five hundred thirteen. How many watermelons did they both grow together? Addition
There are sixty-one birds sitting in a tree which is twelve meters tall. 21 of them are getting ready to fly away. How many birds will be left? Subtraction
Nicholas planted four rows of carrot seeds in his back garden. Each row has thirty seeds. How many seeds did Nicholas plant? Multiplication
Megan's pet snail can move 200 centimeters in 50 minutes. How far could her snail move in one minute? Division
Jane had 3 coins worth 5 cents each. She wanted to give Mary 1/3 of her total. How much will Mary get? Multiplication and Subtraction
Johnny had 42 baseball cards and he wanted to give them away to his 6 friends. Shawn is one of the friends who will receive the cards. Shawn already has 6 baseball cards of his own. How many will Shawn have altogether after Johnny gives him his cards? Division and Addition
It takes two hundred forty-three cases of soda to fill all of the soda machines in the school. Each machine can hold 9 cases of soda. A single case weighs seventeen pounds. How many soda machines are there in the school? Division
Aaron can complete thirty-six math problems in one minute. How many problems could he complete in four minutes? Multiplication
The auto factory will build two hundred forty-five new trucks in the next seven days. How many will it build in one day? Division
There are nine different colors of gumballs in the gumball machine. There are twenty-nine gumballs of each color. The machine has space to hold one hundred fifty-six more gumballs. How many gumballs are there in the machine? Multiplication
Emma's coffee shop brewed six hundred twenty-three liters of coffee in one week. On average, how many liters of coffee did they brew each day? Division
At the awards banquet, nine guests sat at each table. Every one of the 22 tables were filled. How many guests were at the banquet? Multiplication
David put eight hundred nineteen plates and one hundred sixty-six glasses through the cafeteria's giant dishwasher. How many plates and glasses did he wash? Addition
A big apple tree has sixty-nine apples. Thirty-seven of those apples are not yet ripe. How many ripe apples does the tree have? Subtraction
Created by: Tcduncan